Sunday, December 29, 2013

Multiple Ways To Wealth

Author Edna F. Keep in her book; "Multiple Ways To Wealth" not only shares  different ways to make income but spends a considerable amount of time dealing with the personal development of the individual. Author Keep knows that having all the right tools, yet not changing the mindset of an individual will only cause them to loose the wealth they may receive. She desires to help the individual train and develop themselves so that the income they receive will be well preserved. There are many facets of making money yet the reader soon learns that they must understand more about themselves and how they operate if they are to truly be successful.
Author Keep definitely believes in having more than one source of income. She feels that keeping all resources in one basket is a call for disaster and being diversified will help the individual should one or more of those streams of income slow down or even stop all together. She also believes that a person should educate themselves as much as possible, using the tools around them to stay on top of the current trends and staying ahead of others around them. The development portion of the book with exercises, questions and answers is a very rewarding part of the book. This enables the individual to put their thoughts, questions and insights down in front of them to research and look at later. This isn't a quick get rich type of book, rather a down-to-earth practical book that will help the reader become a better individual while earning more income and having a easily life-style.

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Donald's Cross

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Reverend Shelby, a local church minister, of a very influential church within the community was taking a stand for preserving the sanctity of the Christian Family. He was urging his congregation to vote for the banning of homosexual marriage while his son Donnie presented an opposite view of his father. While Donnie wasn't homosexual himself, he knew of people both in and out of his school who were and he felt that their rights should be heard and expressed just as his fathers. In this book, "Donald's Cross" the reader will be challenged concerning the issue of marriage but more importantly the author Joseph Todd Emerson wants the reader to better understand the issue of how a person treats and respects others that may differ in their views and opinions. Within this book we see: bullying, fights, abuse, neglect, the importance of support, love and acceptance.
Author Emerson does a very good job of helping the reader see real-life issues from various points of view as well as helping one to better understand that as humans we all desire to be heard and respected regardless of our beliefs and opinions. This book; "Donald's Cross" is vivid, explicit with detail and could be offensive to some, yet it is a book that will challenge the reader to better understand people's feelings, views and to show love and respect to any who may have opinions different than their own. This book is much more than a book about homosexual behavior, it is a book that deals with real issues that we all must face.

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Second Chance Sister

Second Chance Sister

"Second Chance Sister" describes the life of Ashley Edmundson. The reader will quickly encounter a less than pleasant home environment that Ashley lived in and the decisions she makes leaving home looking for a better life. While her mother wants her to marry Neal, she meets Brandon and thinks he's the one for her. Soon Ashley's hopes and dreams fade as Author Billy McCoy takes the reader further into Ashley's life, seeing both the good as well as the bad. Ashley had a dream for her life but will she be able to succeed and fulfill that lifelong dream? That is a question that can be found as the reader continues along this journey with Ashley.
There is a second story found within the book; "Online Dating: a Memoir".  I didn't personally enjoy this portion of the book quiet as much. This story takes the reader along the path of Billy Mccoy's journey as he travels abroad to boarding school and later worked as a movie critic. Billy reveals the story of these deal ladies whom he loved yet passed away. He shares about their influence both good and bad upon his life. One day upon answering the door he finds those who have come to share the love of Jesus. Upon sitting down with these visitors there is a lively discussion that unfolds. later in life as Billy continues his daily agenda he recognized that there were changes that he must make and finally came to the understanding; "God, I don't have all the answers, but let your will be done." The writer takes the reader along the journey of two different people, yet for me personally I didn't find the writing to be as engaging and stimulating as I had hoped. I hope the writer will continue to craft their skill and develop new stories, developing new plots and readings that will pull the reader deep within the story.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Real Deal on Love and Men

The Real Deal on Love and Men by Michelle McKinney Hammond

Michelle McKinney Hammond has written of of the finest books on relationships that has been produced. Author Hammond in her book: "The Real Deal on Love and Men" explore so many important, direct, hard-hitting issues that are often avoided. She faces the issues that most every couple and/or single person will face enabling them a way to deal with their dating, marriage and relational issues. She takes letters from readers and replies to them with sound, Godly advise, as well as expounding upon various subjects with in depth clarity.
While I must write a disclaimer that I am neither a female, nor single I found this to be a very helpful, resourceful and exciting book that will enable men to learn and grow from the material found within. This book explores how a lady thinks, feels and responds in relationships, as well as how they would like a man to communicate and relate to them. Personally this wasn't a real quick fix  type of dating/relationship book, rather for me, this was a hard hitting, read with an ink pen in your hand marking and processing the fine detailed writings of Ms. Hammond.
If I had to pick my favorite book of 2013, this would be by far the easiest choice. This book has been life-changing for me and helpful within a marriage relationship that will bring about many days that are filled with joy and laughter rather than pain and discomfort because of this valuable information. If you are looking to improve your relationship with your spouse, dating partner or still waiting for that special someone to come along then this is the book for you.

Weight Loss Surgery: The Real Skinny

Weight Loss Surgery: The Real Skinny

Authors Nick Nicholson, M.D. and B.A. Blackwood writes a very informative and insightful book to help the reader explore the various pros and cons of weight loss surgery. The reader will receive views from both a  doctor and a lawyer that will enable them to see the physical, mental, financial and relational issues that could arise from such a surgery. There is the discussion of the various types of weight loss surgery and things a person should consider before, during and after the surgery. The physical appearance of someone experiencing this type of surgery is usually extreme, yet the emotional and relational issues are very real and very important to consider before this type of surgery as well. There are things to consider such as a couples relationship and how this type of surgery might impact that relationship. Should a couple not have a strong relationship prior to the surgery this might be a very difficult transition.
"Weight Loss Surgery: The Real Skinny" is a very well written book that will help provide informative information to the reader of things they may not have considered otherwise, thus making an easier transition should they follow though with surgery. Authors Nicholson and Blackwood educate the reader and provides helpful advice that doctors should consider using this as a tool for their patients who are considering weight loss surgery.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Boy Who Spoke To God

The Boy Who Spoke To God

"The Boy Who Spoke to God" by author Randa Handler deals with some important issues that every person must face. We are all created somewhat different with our family traditions, religious views, ethnic backgrounds, etc.... Yet with each of these differences we are very similar in nature. We desire to worship God who will relate and communicate with us as we fulfill the desire to please Him.
Author Randa Handler takes the reader on a journey that allows one to see how differences can also make us stronger and better. This is a very well written children's book with vivid illustrations to help the reader understand this young boy's dream and interruption of it. Many times we see only part of the picture and thus we miss the greater blessing and fulfillment of the entire picture. Niko helps the reader to understand that when we can't see the full picture to keep looking, don't give up but rather keep searching until the greater picture comes in full view. When we seek we will find the truth we are searching for.
Another point to the story is don't get discouraged when we only see one portion of the dream, interruption, or piece of the picture. Time and determination has a way of allowing the rest of it to come to light allowing the individual to become the person they desire to be. This was a very well written book on a child's level to better understand our differences as well as our unique sameness.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

How Did They Do That?

How Did They Do That?

Deborah Tompkins Johnson spins a beautiful illustration of stories of personal lives into her book: "How Did They Do That? Author Johnson takes people from various careers, points of view, stages in life and shares their story of how their journey developed and what it took for them to arrive to the point they are now. Maybe you are a: Dancer, Coach, Soldier, Minister, Actor or Politician? Maybe you would like to know how your life could matter to anyone and how God could use you to make an influence in the lives of others? Well this book certainly gives not only examples of that, but hope and encouragement that allows the reader to know that each of us are made uniquely and special by God and our lives can amount to a great thing if we will but allow Him to lead and guide us.
"How Did They Do That? isn't a quick fix book, rather it gives the reader the enjoyment of knowing that others before them made it and so can they. Rather human, sometimes without a lot of gifts and graces it appears, born on the wrong side of the tracks are all excuses that we have used, yet not enough to hold these individuals down found within this heartwarming book. Author Johnson engages the reader to allow them to be seen within the pages as they turn and read with great anticipation of what is to come next within the person's story.
Each chapter concludes with "WOW (Words of Wisdom)" and "What Can YOU Do Now?" sections that challenges the reader to apply truth and insight into their lives so they can become the person that God is calling them to become.
This book was provided by for my honest opinion and review.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Tall, Dark, and Handsome and Other Devotionals by Christopher Hall

Author Christopher Hall gives inspiring views along his journey in his book entitled:  "Tall, Dark, And Handsome And Other Devotionals."  He shares couple page stories on various days over a ten year span. This book would be a great book to read and reflect upon on a daily basis to receive a nugget of truth, insight and personal observations to stimulate one's own personal thinking.
While the title appeared to be other than a devotional book, upon reading the introduction the reader will quickly understand what Mr. Hall is trying to convey with the title of the book. The story dated 4/18/2010 was very interesting, especially captivating and insightful. Mr. Hall shares personal stories of his family and himself of both the good as well as the imperfections that are found within them. He is very human and willing to reflect that in his writings to allow the reader to find encouragement and support through his written words. He uses scriptures to validate his stories and points. He shares stories in a way that are both encouraging and uplifting.
I would recommend this book as a book of encouragement, stimulating and material that will push the reader from their comfort zone. This book will challenge the reader to become the person that Christ has called each one to become.

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When The Brook Dries Up

When the Brook Dries Up Inspiration & Hope For Facing Life's Challenges
"When The Brook Dries Up" is a very thought provoking and helpful book filled with great wisdom and insight by author Blondina Howes Jeffrey's. I personally enjoyed the book because there was a nice balance of being real concerning life's trials, up and down moments as well as how God answers prayers in both silence and responses. Many question why they are experiencing strife and confusion within their life, yet we must be reminded that being a Christian doesn't make one immune to the difficulties of life. Dried up brooks are a reality for everyone in general, yet most of the time we desire to be comfortable and never desire to experience anything less than enjoyable, yet it is within these moments that we grow in our faith.
Author Jeffrey's does a wonderful job as she provides wisdom and insight along with scriptures to support her view as well as giving the reader context for further study. "When The Brook Dries Up" is skillfully written and one that I enjoyed and drew strength from. God's way of bringing deliverance to us may involve a person, a thing or event that we may find less than comfortable, yet we must embrace those moments if we truly desire to move forward to a point of celebration and victory.

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From Book Plex for my honest review.

Oh WOW This Changes Everything

Oh, Wow! This Changes Everything!

"Oh, WOW this changes everything" is a very interesting, challenging and rewarding book by author Melody Brooke, MA. This book helps the reader to understand the responsibility they must make in taking control over their life and making changes to enable them to have a healthy and vibrant life. Mrs. Brooke describes the way our brain works, the Cycle of Egocentrism and how one views themself as the victim, the self-protector or the rescuer. These are described ways in which we are programmed to react to a threat or an unsafe situation. However, the author enables the reader to understand they can live outside the drama and overcome these emotional circumstances found within their life.
Confusion of who we are and why we respond as we do is another important feature found within this writing. Author Brooke helps the reader to understand that "...we THINK we are something different than what we ARE." We must live above the blame game and refuse to be the victim of life's situations. We can rise above it and live in empowerment high above the blame game. While we must choose to accept our own level of responsibility we mustn't allow others and/or our mind to dictate to us that we are less than we truly are. We should establish healthy boundaries within our lives not allowing people, events or our past keep us from rising above the difficulties that others and even we try to place upon us.
The book closes with the thoughts of how we can develop a strong relationship with ourselves, have compassionate relations with others and live beyond the drama that normally seem to encase a person's life. This is a very well written and encouraging book. If you are looking to move past where you are and become a stronger individual this would be a great book to read.
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Monday, November 11, 2013


Examine Your Faith!: Finding Truth in a World of Lies
Author Pamela Christian in her book entitled: "Examine Your Faith! Finding Truth in a World of Lies" challenges the reader to examine their own beliefs in view of various religions and beliefs around the world. While Pamela Christian explores various religions allowing the reader to have a good solid understanding of what each one stands for and what they represent, she also gives great wisdom and insight into the views and beliefs of Christianity. She compels the reader to discover the truth of Christianity and decide upon that which one will defend and stand for within one's life.
Various views of Jesus, His birth, prophecies and resurrection allow the reader to truly examine what they believe and how they will choose to share those beliefs with others. Scriptures are given for reference and enables the reader to study these in greater detail to have a solid foundation for what they believe. The endnotes also gives the reader additional places to do additional study should they desire.
The question Mrs. Christian inquires of the reader is; "Will You Believe?" This causes the reader to search deep within their inner self to do an intentional examination of their faith. Saving faith are two components which include: Believing and Receiving. These are key ingredients for the life of a Christian, now the final question is: Will you accept the truth or believe a lie?

I received this book from in return for my honest views and opinion.
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When You Have to Be the Man by Sabrina Blount Watson

Author Sabrina Blount Watson explores in great detail the challenges that single mothers face and how they can truly be effective in leading their son or daughters life by a powerful example if they will in fact trust God to first lead them in the direction they should go. There are discussions dealing with; "How Did I Get Here?" and "Are You The Problem?" which are great foundations for this book and gives the reader many places to search from those basic yet profound questions. "When You Have to Be the Man" is a great book dealing with how a single mother can fill the vast role that is left vacant by a male figure not in the household. While there are various reasons that a child may be raised without a male role-model, it still impacts their life. The responsibility of the single mother is to do what is best for their child and instill God's value and purpose within their lives.
This book is filled with great discussion questions as well as a place for the reader to write responses and make this a very personal and rewarding book. There is a section dealing with the "ABC's of Single Parenting" which I found to be very helpful. Author Watson also has a resource section as well as a website section that will enable the reader to explore this subject in greater detail in ways that will best benefit them in their situation. This is a very well written book and one that I feel could be a great tool to be used within the local church for single mothers. This tool could be a great discussion guide for a small group and help encourage single mothers to not get discouraged or overwhelmed with their present situation.

Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers Favorite

Now or Never; A Step-By-Step System For Reaching Your Most Important Goals in 21 Days - Ryan Jeffery

Ryan Jeffery in his book entitled: "Now or Never; A Step-By-Step System For Reaching Your Most Important Goals in 21 Days" helps the reader learn new creative steps in becoming a more goal oriented individual. He deals with such issues as: Time, Health, Relationships, Finance and other topics to move the reader toward a more determined lifestyle of choice and happiness. Author Jeffery shares a wonderful story of how he was involved in an accident which could have easily taken his life. He chose the following day to attend church and share his gratitude toward God of saving his life. While he realized that he could have been killed, he also realized that the book that was within him had to be written as he couldn't be promised other opportunities. There is a strong indication that we must seize the day and opportunity that lies before us, never taking life for granted.
This book helps the reader dig down deep, making some life choices to better themselves to become the person that God desires for them to become. Author Jeffery explains how 21 day cycles seemingly repeat themselves over and over within a person’s life and how we must take advantage of them to become a better individual. There are daily assignments and exercises that enable the individual to grow and stretch to become that awesome individual they desire to become. Finally at the end of the book is a 21 day goal form that will help the reader to focus on the changes they desire to see within their life in the next 21 days. The writer's "Now or Never."

Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers Favorite

ENCOURAGE-MINTS: Give a Mint, Refresh a Life - Carol Freed

When you’re wondering how to find strength for the journey called life, remember God's Word and be encouraged. When you are encouraged, then take that encouraging word and share with someone else who needs a pick me up and breathe encouragement into their soul. Remember the time when you needed help and someone poured into you? Take the time to share that same love, insight and encouragement into the heart and life of one who needs a pick me up.
Author Carol Freed in her book: "ENCOURAGE-MINTS: Give a Mint, Refresh a Life" helps the reader to find ways to encourage others. Maybe we think what we have to offer is small, but encouragement seems to multiply when we offer to give it away. The book encourages the reader to believe that what they have to offer is great and supportative for someone in need. Sometimes we must even give from our need, not when everything is perfect and going well. Author Freed gives encouragement to give away refreshing hope and praise to others around you and in doing so things within your life will be lifted as well.
While this is a very short book, it is one that gives great ideals of how to be a difference maker. It would be a great tool to be used for hospitals, churches, counseling, etc... Everyone needs encouragement, why not start with someone today and determine to make a difference right where you are planted. "ENCOURAGE-MINTS" bringing together the positive for a lasting difference.

Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers Favorite

SHAKEN: A Story of Emotional Abuse and Depression"

Shaken by Kerry Connelly

Author Kerry Connelly in her book entitled; "SHAKEN: A Story of Emotional Abuse and Depression" certainly reaches to the core of the overabundant issues of abuse. While the author shares her story allowing the reader to walk down the trail of pain, disappointment, hurt anger and so many other emotions, she also offers hope, wisdom, insight and direction for the opportunity of how one can move beyond living in that environment and lifestyle. This book isn't for the weak hearted as it describes the real facts of what occurs in everyday life of one who is abused.

Author Connelly does a wonderful job of explaining definitions of words as well as the effects of being abused. Moods, traits and methods that one uses to create this emotional bondage are listed providing keen insight into what to look for in order to seek help and a way out. Control, anger, self piety are just a few signs of those who are the abusers. They want to have this individual put under their thumb controlling what they are doing; while the book gives the personal examples of Author Connelly I'm sure many readers will see themselves in the pages as they read. 

Before the end of the book, the author lists several resources as well as a step by step guild on how to leave. This information at the end of the book is very valuable for that one who is contemplating having to escape their current abusive situation. If you find yourself being abused, this book will offer insight and hope that tomorrow can certainly be brighter.

Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers Favorite

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Finally Free; Fighting For Purity with the Power of Grace - Heath Lambert

Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace

"Finally Free; Fighting For Purity with the Power of Grace" is a much needed book for our time. Author Heath Lambert declares that the main reason men turn to pornography is because of arrogance. While many men may have past issues they need to deal with Author Lambert states that arrogance is the one facet that always appears when dealing with this subject matter.
This book is filled with examples of real stories of how men struggle with this horrible addiction. Many see nothing wrong with pornography; while others know the devastation first hand of how it has destroyed their marriages and certainly devalue women in the eyes of men. Feasting on porn not only affects the individual doing it, but their spouse (or future spouse), family, friends, etc... It is a very selfish act that is based upon feeding one's own fleshing desires. The way to overcome this addictive, controlling vice is to truly trust in Jesus and live your life completely devoted to Him. This book is a valuable tool for anyone caught in this awful web of deceit.
This book was provided by Cross Focused Reviews for my personal review.

5 of 5 stars

Give Yourself A Raise - Gordon Bennett Bleil

Author Gordon Bennett Bleil gives the reader much wisdom and insight in his book; "Give Yourself A raise." This book allows the reader to break down their current financial situation where it isn't overwhelming. The author allows the reader to look at their particular circumstances in bite size pieces so they can make informed decisions to move forward correctly.
There is a financial quiz at the beginning of the book to help the reader know where they presently are financially and how to better move forward to financial freedom. "Give Yourself A Raise" enables the reader to visually see what Author Bleil is referring to though various charts and graphs enabling them to see formulas as well as to just read about it. This workable material gives the reader the opportunity to produce their own charts to lay out their financial situation so they can visually see their own goals as well as the real life picture of where they currently are. The reader is able to make a better informed decision to move forward financially after they are empowered with the visual information of their current situation. 
Author Bleil gives great wisdom and insight into how one can become stronger financially and move forward, not allowing their present situation to hold them back from growth.
This book was provided by The Cadence Group for my personal book review.

5 of 5 stars

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Self-Publishing Checklist - Andy Baldwin

The Self-Publishing Check List

Andy Baldwin in his book, "The Self-Publishing Checklist" does a brilliant job of explaining self-publishing and Print-On-Demand. While this book represents Bookstand Publishing and what they offer an author who publishes with them this book is also filled with valuable information that any writer could learn from.
There are examples of famous authors who at time were self-published. There is also a template in the back of the book of how to set up a book for publication. This is a very informative and well written book. I certainly appreciated the opportunity of reading it and learning nuggets of wealthy information for a writing career.

5 of 5 stars

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hungry, Feed Your Soul

Stephanie Hamilton in her book entitled:" Hungry, Feed Your Soul" does a wonderful work helping the reader to look beyond their own hurt, pain and anguish to find strength for the journey called life. Where some of the phrases indicate to me personally that I somewhat have more control over my life than I really do, this material does challenge one to dig down deep to never settle for less. The word "hell" is used several times and I feel that the material could be written without that particular word being used. However, overall I like the book, especially the pictures that help the reader to follow along with in depth meaning and insight into what the author is trying to convey.
I really enjoyed author Hamilton's description of how our life is like a cloth so interwoven and fascinating. We are indeed wonderful creatures and we shouldn't just skim along the surface of life, rather we need to reflect upon what is happening within our life as well as what is around us and allow life to be enjoyed to the fullness. There is a calling within the material for each person to be accepted as they are and loved unconditionally.  

4 of 5 stars

Thursday, August 22, 2013

After The Affair

Author Arnita L. Fields gives a very insightful and inspirational view in her book; "After the Affair, Emotional Healing God's Way." Author Fields helps guide the reader along various stages one might find themselves dealing with including one's Heart, Spirit, Mind and Body. While some find it quick to forgive, others need a longer time to process the hurt, mistrust and journey to restore that broken relationship. Author Fields explains it is ok to grieve just don't stay there. When one begins to assess their wounds they will find many things they knew were there as well as items that seemingly sprang up out of nowhere. It is at this point that one must decide if they will forgive and move forward within their life. Next the process of renewing the mind must begin. This will not be an easy part of the journey but one that I feel is vitally important for one to truly move forward and find a release within their mind. When one's mind is clouded with unforgiveness, it will affect everything and everyone around them. For one to reclaim the intimacy of the body after an affair there must be forgiveness within the Heart, Spirit and Mind. There will be great difficulty in allowing the body to be close again to that individual unless true forgiveness has occurred.
Author Fields gives great insight, wisdom and practical advice in her book; "After the Affair, Emotional Healing God's Way." She also lists study questions at the end of each chapter to allow the reader the opportunity to dig in deeper for more profound truth and insight. This is a book that is designed for the reader to work at their own pace, while yet allowing the Holy Spirit to bring help and healing within their life.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Did The Devil Make Me Do It?

"Did the Devil make me Do It? And other questions about Satan, demons and evil spirits" is a very thought provoking and insightful book by Mike McKinley. He explores the Origin of Satan and how the darker powers that influence mankind came into being. He discusses demons and their authority even stating, "...while demons clearly have power in the spiritual realm, it is also clear that they are limited."
Many wonder if a Christian can have a demon living within them. Author McKinley gives a wonderful view when he penned; "Demons can tempt, influence, and attack God's people, but to say that they can 'possess' a Christian doesn't make sense of the biblical evidence." We must be careful to not label every negative issue as demonic rather sinful behavior can bring about issues we face and those are choices we have made rather than being controlled by a demon. Believers must remember that the devil may influence but he cannot cause one to sin that choice is left up to the believer.
This would be a great book for detailed study concerning demons, their power and influence within the life of a believer and the authority that the believer has over such evil forces found within the world.

5 of 5 stars

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

GPS Your Best Life

GPS Your Best Life by Charmaine Hammond

Authors Charmaine Hammond and Debra Kasowski helps the reader navigate along their destination with a fabulous book entitled: "GPS Your Best Life." This is a great book on helping the reader understand how to not allow circumstances in life detour one from their main purposes of life. Everyone is traveling along life's journey and getting side-tracked is easy to do, but the authors give tremendous insight and wisdom on how to stay focused and move forward in grand fashion. 
One chapter deals with dreams and how they seems to be the fuel to your engine. Everyone needs dreams and a drive to move in the direction they have placed their goals and ideals. There is also great wisdom shared in the chapter entitled: "Roadblocks, Detours and Potholes." Everyone will face these types of situations within their lives; however what they do with them is what changes the course of the journey. 
When difficulties come one's way, there is the choice to be detained by the circumstances or overcome them and become the person you were designed to be. There is also the beautiful point that is shared that one must celebrate along the journey by "gratitude, giving and gifting." When we express thankfulness, give of ourselves and give gifts we become a person that others desires to be around.
This is a very insightful and well written book. It is a book that any reader should find strength, encouragement and support from. I would quickly recommend it.
5 of 5 Stars

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A-Z The Universe In Me

A-Z the Universe in Me by Michal Y. Noah
This book is well written and very encouraging. It instills within the young reader many encouraging thoughts and ideals to make them stronger in who they are. There is a continual flow through the alphabet of lettered words to engage the reader of order and clarity of the lettering system. There are many positive influences that the author points the reader to within themselves and others around them. Powerful words are used such as: Confident, Determined, Magnificent, Valuable, Wise and X-traordinary. The graphics are incredibly clear and helpful to paint a beautiful picture of what the written word is saying. While I understand the author is making the book very open concerning any religious views, the only negative I found was the word universe used several times rather than God. However, with the concept of trying to get placed in public and school libraries I certainly understand the general wording. This wouldn't keep me from sharing this book with others.
This is a book that I personally would find enjoyable to share with younger children and feel while not only would the words build them up and encourage them, the graphics would capture them. 

5 of 5 stars

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nate Rocks The School


Nate seems to be a typical teenager but soon the reader finds out that he is indeed very different. While Nate likes to dream, his dreams take him along a variety of paths that call upon him to help save the day. He may help people escape a building, find a missing child or many other adventurous activities. While the school class is getting ready to go to New York, they need to raise funds in order to afford the trip as the schools funds have been severally cut. Nate and his friends work hard to come up with fund raising events, but always come up short until the night of the auction when someone truly makes a believer out of Nate that dreams can come true. Nate's mother isn't the best of cooks and he certainly appreciates the abilities and creativity of his friend’s mothers as they invite him to share a meal with them. He tries to avoid getting paired up with a girl that his mom thinks he would be great with, yet he finds himself constantly around her.
Nate is looked upon as a superhero and performs hero acts within this book. This would be a great read to have in schools and for children to share at home with their parents. If someone is looking for a book for their child, this is truly a book of adventure and excitement, very interesting and fun to read. It never seems to bog down, always moving forward with adventure.
5 of 5 stars

Cage Life

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 Author Karin Cox does a great job of allowing the reader into the life of a young lady who interacts with a young man named Damien. They soon find themselves involved sexually and she comes up pregnant. While this young baby doesn't have the best of environments to live in this couple tries to do what is right. Their past is filled with regrets and mistakes and soon this young girl’s friend comes over for an afternoon away from the baby and gets her high. This event will change the course of life for this young lady forever. After the two ladies get high it's time for the visitor to leave but she is blocked in the drive. While moving the automobile, the mom hears a thud and after getting out realizes that she just ran over her precious little girl. After trying to do what they could the doctors realized that the injuries were too severe and this little girl wouldn't make it.
This story is filled with heartache, hurts and life in general. The pain was too much for this couple to live with and after much trying they separated and went their own ways. Relationships are tough and it takes lots of work to make them successful. Ms. Cox does a wonderful job of giving the reader a strong taste of reality of the real world. This isn't a feel good book, rather one that helps one to see things as real and matter of fact.

4 of 5 stars

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Break Your Addiction To Conflict

"Break Your Addiction to Conflict" is a wonderful book to help the reader explore the opportunities to overcome negative situations that many find within their life from time to time.  Author Nathan J. Snow does a wonderful job of giving the reader twelve tools to quiet the mind and move forward from their present conflict. He instructs the reader to create a Gratitude List and be reminded of how many things a person truly has to be thankful for within their life. He also mentions a Resentful List and how from time to time the same thing that one could be grateful for, they might find it over on the resentful list. There are great insights into how a person can overcome the negative emotions and doubt that seem to plague one's life.
Concerning Tool# 8 and "Power Down" Mr. Snow gives great detail into how one can pull away from the constant barrage of technology that seems to overtake a person and allow the individual to learn to breath, relax, enjoy their family and life. He also instructs the reader to live their own life and tell their own story. No one can be as great as the person they are gifted to be.
The principles found within this book are very helpful and insightful. There is a "Cheat Sheet" summary of the 12 Tools listed at the end of the book. The greatest issue would be the constant reference to a higher power, light, etc... while this opens the book up for readers of any faith, the lack of reference to God and Him alone is somewhat disturbing. For that reason this book would receive 4 of 5 stars.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

When Red Is Blue

When Red Is Blue

When forgiveness comes it usually takes awhile and involves working through a great amount of pain. This seems to be the case of daughter Kate as she relives the hurtful moments that she encountered from both her parents. Upon the death of her mother she must deal with the lost as well as the life that was lived before. She can blame and walk in pain or choose to forgive and move forward as best she can.
Author Sabrynne McLain in her book; "When Red Is Blue", writes a beautifully detailed event of a mom who is emotionally unbalanced and an alcoholic dad who works hard to provide for his family yet loves the bottle more than them. There of course is daughter Kate that is raised in a very unstable family and yet she never gives up or blames the system. She tries to make the best of each situation that she encounters even when she is notified that her mother has frozen to death and must now prepare for her funeral.
It wasn't long afterward that Kate took her father to the doctor for tests only for him to be admitted into the hospital for additional tests and procedures. Soon Kate found out that her father wasn't going to live long and she must prepare for that. Again, Kate walks through losing a parent and all the steps involved with the funeral, grave burial as well as their belongings at their home. I was allowed to experience pain and heartache as well as the opportunity to learn how to start fresh and new in life even when dealt unhappy moments.
I found this to be a very interesting book and appreciated the author’s hard work at allowing me to follow along Kate's life in both the happy as well as the sad moments.
4 of 5 stars

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Epic of God

Michael Whitworth in his book; "The Epic of God" does a beautiful job of weaving the story of creation and other biblical stories into this fine book. Abraham, Jacob, Joseph are just a few of the main characters detailed within that keeps me turning page after page to follow their life's story. 
There is a great weaving of details that are within the pages that allow me to be transported deep within the story in a very easy manner. While the author writes with great penmanship and the use of words in a very flowing manner there is also the richness of depth of the biblical meaning found within. It appears that most all of the major points found in Genesis are covered and given enriching thoughts and meaning. 
The author also includes, "Talking Points" at the end of each chapter where he gets even more personal with the reader. I find these few pages at the end of each chapter are very rewarding and beneficial. I appreciate how the author speaks of his own personal life and experiences. He allows me as the reader to relate to him on a personal manner.
Covering the Book of Genesis the author helps me to see how my life can be valuable by learning from those in the past and looking forward to my future while enjoying my present. Preparing my life for eternity is the closing point of the book and a great way to allow me to look within my life for spiritual direction.
5 of 5 stars