Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Did The Devil Make Me Do It?

"Did the Devil make me Do It? And other questions about Satan, demons and evil spirits" is a very thought provoking and insightful book by Mike McKinley. He explores the Origin of Satan and how the darker powers that influence mankind came into being. He discusses demons and their authority even stating, "...while demons clearly have power in the spiritual realm, it is also clear that they are limited."
Many wonder if a Christian can have a demon living within them. Author McKinley gives a wonderful view when he penned; "Demons can tempt, influence, and attack God's people, but to say that they can 'possess' a Christian doesn't make sense of the biblical evidence." We must be careful to not label every negative issue as demonic rather sinful behavior can bring about issues we face and those are choices we have made rather than being controlled by a demon. Believers must remember that the devil may influence but he cannot cause one to sin that choice is left up to the believer.
This would be a great book for detailed study concerning demons, their power and influence within the life of a believer and the authority that the believer has over such evil forces found within the world.

5 of 5 stars

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