Monday, July 30, 2012

Beloved Destiny

Beloved Destiny

Carina overhears her parents talking about matching her up with Joshua Prewitt in marriage.  However, Carina seems to have feelings for his friend William Porter.  William seems to keep his eye on her continually and longs to have her to himself in a dance.  During the dance William and Carina agree to meet the next morning for a horse ride in the country.  It is there that William asks Carina has a suitor calling on her to which she says she doesn't and William says he will ask her father if he could begin calling on her.
When Carina's father told his wife about the desire of young William she was totally against the ideal as she had already inquired into his family and declared that Carina deserved much better than what William could offer.  Soon Carina was brokenhearted at the ideal that she would no longer see William because of their backgrounds.
Soon Carina and her family visit The Prewitt's and learn that William is leaving to go chart a course for Joshua to travel.  While there Joshua took Carina for a horse ride and told her that she should be with someone like him rather than William.  Soon after returning home Carina received a letter stating that William had drown at sea.  She was crushed and heartbroken at the news.  Weeks following the news Joshua came to see Carina and to show his interest in her.  This went on for months as they visited in each other's home.  She had a feeling that Joshua was getting close to asking for her hand in marriage.
Not many months later, Joshua came calling and asked Carina's father for his permission to marry his daughter of which he readily agreed.  Joshua then took Carina aside to ask if she would be his wife and she agreed to do so.  They decided to get married in the fall after the harvest had been gathered.
Following their marriage soon Carina was being abused by William but was told to remain silent and be the good little wife and he would shower her with gifts and make her life pleasant.  However, if she decided to talk about the events he would make her life horrible.
Soon Carina's colt was brought to her and the stable hand stayed for a couple of days.  Upon a ride the following morning when she returned to the stable she found her husband and the stable hand half naked laying together.  Again William accosted her and told her if she said anything he would have her put away as a mental case.
Carina was able to get away to visit with her family for a few days and upon her arrival back home, there standing on the steps beside her husband was William.  Carina was so overcome with seeing William she faints.  How will she handle this?  There is so much she will now encounter.
Later she goes into town where William now has a law office and they indulge in sexual acts.  This happens several times when Joshua calls Carina into his office one morning forbidding her to even leave the property unless she was with him or his mother.  A few months later Carina finds herself with child.  When Joshua finds out he is furious, as he knows it is Williams child.  However, he will just convince William to leave town and he will be looked upon with even greater respect in the community with a new child.  Joshua's attempt to bribe William failed as his law firm was taking root and he wanted to stay there and grow the business.  Still within the back of his mind, if he stayed close he would get to see Carina even if from a distance.
A tornado came through the town and Joshua and his dad were both killed.  After a time of mourning William and Carina got married and enjoyed sharing life together.  They soon decided to head out to start their own life together where they wouldn't have to keep the secret of their child from others.  Carina and Tommy were soon in a wagon headed out with William for their new adventure in life together.
I found this book to be a fantastic read.  I really enjoyed the story line and the many adventures that came along the way.  I was never disappointed and always looking to turn the next page for exciting enjoyment.
5 of 5 stars


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Amazing Grace...As Christ Walks By

Amazing Grace as Christ Walks By: My Journey from Brokennness to Wholeness
This is a very enjoyable and uplifting book by author Carol Cline.  It describes the life of the author as well as her family members.  There are many ups and downs throughout the journey but one that constantly points the reader toward God and His faithfulness.  Carol discovers that she has cancer, but that doesn't cause her to give up, rather she presses through to victory.  Her husband is lead to the Lord through events that causes him to see the faithfulness of God within the family.  Carol describes the benefit of her church, groups that meet within her home and daily/weekly bible studies.  She shares about her faith and how it grows throughout the course of her journey.
Carol's dad is mentioned as well and his transformation that occurs as he faces death.  This is a very encouraging portion, especially for anyone that is experiencing the soon loss of a loved one.  Carol's husband Jim starts a new business and finds God's direction and blessings. 
Carol was raped and abused, but the reader will find throughout the book that she overcame that situation (to the best of her ability) and lives a joyous life reaching out to her family, loved ones, church, neighbors and others with a positive outlook.
There is a section toward the end of the book called:  "Spiritual Practices."  This is where the author explains the difference between spirituality and religion.  She gives great insight and use of scripture, also leading the reader up to the opportunity to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ if they so desire.
I feel any reader who desires to learn more about Christ, overcoming battles, being strong in the midst of life's challenges and many other issues would benefit from reading this book.
This book was provided by author Carol Cline for my personal and honest review.
5 of 5 stars

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Storm Is Over Now

The Storm Is Over Now: The Other Side of a Storm

Author Shirley A. Shell gives the reader a glimpse into her life as she shares various writings concerning:  trails, difficulties, friendship, God, love, blessings, life and so much more.  You will find that no matter what stage you find yourself in, that these stories will give you additional strength for the journey of life.
You will be encouraged as you read this book and glean from the life experiences that Ms. Shell shares with her readers.
The writing, "One Heart" is worth the price of the book.  It is an absolute wonderful writing that has truly blessed and encouraged me.
This book was provided by Dorrance Publishing Company, for a honest review,    
4 of 5 stars.

Dangerous Medicine: Flatline

Dangerous Medicine: Flatline

This is a very interesting and enjoyable book.  Though extremely short it was exciting.  I would like for it to be a much larger read where one could explore more into the life of doctor David.  While he shares the ups/downs, the frustrations of being a doctor with all the hoops that one must jump through in the medical community, he also found great comfort in knowing he was helping people.  
5 of 5 stars

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Navigating Life's Roadways: Stories of Insight from My Odyssey and Inspiration for Your Journey

Navigating Life's Roadways: Stories of Insight from My Odyssey and Inspiration for Your Journey

Ms. Parker did a fantastic job of allowing the reader to come into her life and share her many adventures.  There are many events within
her childhood that was far from perfect, yet she continued to hold on to the good and find the positive.  She moved forward and entered the military where she quickly moved up in rank and was a strong leader within the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel.  
There are a variety of stories about trips, moves and vacations across the US and other countries.  Included are nice pictures to allow the reader to further see into Ms. Parker's life.  While there are ups and downs, there is a profound faith that is found within Ms. Parker's life.  She lists various scriptures, quotes and thoughts that both inspire and challenge.  While she will readily admit she isn't perfect she will recognize how important God is within her life.
She shares how she faces cancer, lose of loved ones, unpleasant job situations, financial hardships and many other life events.  I feel the reader will connect and understand that life isn't always a bed of roses, but as Ms. Parker will encourage the reader to do, one can pick up where they find themselves currently at and move forward with the help and grace of Almighty God.
I received this book from Ms. Parker for my honest review.  I believe you would find this read encouraging, uplifting and challenging.
5 of 5 stars

Moving Forward With Your Idea

Quicklet On Stephen Key's One Simple Idea: Turn Your Dreams Into a Licensing Goldmine While Letting Others Do The Word

Author Kelly Cooper gives us a brief but eye opening awareness of the brilliance of Stephen Key and his brilliant ideals.
For the individual or group that is ready to bring their ideal forth to be revealed this book will be a great time saving resource.
This book explores if the ideal of someone would be marketable and worthwhile of moving forward.  How to negotiate contracts,
proposals, royalties, etc... are discussed within this book.  A person's ideal is their most valuable resource.  With this one ideal, it 
could springboard a person into a wealth of opportunity.
There are additional resources within this material that the reader would find helpful.
I received this book from for my honest review.
5 of 5 stars

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Get To Moving...

Sitting Kills, Moving Heals: How Everyday…

Dr. Vernikos gives us a much needed book on how we can maintain a healthy life, rather than dealing with a unhealthy body.  He discusses why we should be proactive rather than reactive.
Gravity is causing out body to constantly move therefore when we find ourselves being sedentary we actually cause harm to ourselves.  Humans started out being creatures of movement.  All throughout history there was work, animals, food, etc.. to be tended to.  Today however, it seems that there are more modern conveniences thus causing less human movement.  
There is a great amount of descriptive discussion concerning someone who goes into space and how the lack of gravity affects one's body compared to one here on earth.  This is very interested when you are exposed to the various things we would take for granted such as brushing one's teeth, restrooms, sleeping, etc...
How we stand, sit, move, stretch, etc... makes a huge impact on our bodies and how we feel.  There are listed many types of things a person can do to be more mobile and healthy.  These are things that can be done in everyday life without feeling like your adding an exercise program or more to your already taxing schedule.
The author discusses the importance of Yoga.  She shares:  "Yoga is the discipline that most comprehensively uses gravity to stimulate all parts of the body."  Yoga is also emphasized because it promotes stretching, flexibility, relaxation, balance and other positive ingredients.  
It appears as many as two out of three people in the United States are now unhealthy.  This problem main arises because we are more sedentary than ever before and eating more than we need on a daily basis.
I enjoyed Dr. Vernikos book receiving a free copy from for my personal and honest review.
4 of 5 stars

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bushels and Barrels

Bushels And Barrels: Redefining The American Dream

Author Lee Ray takes the reader into a descriptive view of the American Dream, as he describes how a bushel represents a blessing while a barrel represents the challenges one will face.  When one tries to understand what the American Dream is all about there must be a soul searching of self-identification of who one truly is within society.  When we are young we seem to have great expectations and later in life have changed our view and focus of what those dreams encompass.  Getting out of one's comfort zone and moving toward the barrels that we face in life is necessary to move forward and achieve out goals.
Here are the Ten Barrels and Bushels that Lee discusses within his book:
#1 is the barrel of abuse and the bushel is to discover God's love in the midst of the circumstance.  
#2 is the barrel of strained relationships and the bushel is family.
#3 is the barrel of divorce and the bushel is falling in love.
#4 is the barrel of overcoming self-doubt and the bushel is gaining confidence and acceptance.
#5 is the barrel of the loss of loved ones and the bushel is community involvement.
#6 is the barrel of the price of military deployments and the bushel is the pride of military service.
#7 is the barrel of transitions in life and the bushel is morals and ethics.
#8 is the barrel of career changes and unemployment and the bushel is the bond of friendship.
#9 is the barrel of financial landmines and the bushel is educational opportunities.
#10 is the barrel of facing life's challenges and the bushel is recognizing life's rewards.
Lee provides the reader with many of his personal stories and insights.  There are topics such as: marriage, divorce, children, stepchildren, money, determination, encouragement and so much more.  The reader will find themselves getting caught up within the story that Lee is sharing and seeing how they can incorporate the positive things within their lives and work on the areas that need improvement.  
There is also a section on the military where Lee discusses his involvement as well as how families must deal with deployment and the pressures put upon them.  Many times Americans don't realize how blessed we really are and how those in the military are standing in the gap for our freedom.  
Lee also shares:  "The bushels and barrels of an identity shift make us who we are."   He also states:  "Life is not only wonderful at times and painful at is fragile!"
So one may ask will we be able to fulfill the American Dream?  Well let's allow Lee to give us his words of wisdom.  He said:  "The American Dream is a way of life, not something we can achieve with a single accomplishment."  So each of us has our own duty in fulfilling our dreams and desires.  Let's all do our part and make America a better place to live.
I enjoyed reading this book and encourage you to read and grow from it.

This book was provided by author Lee Ray for my honest review and opinion.  To purchase this book please go to:
5 of 5 stars

Friday, July 20, 2012

Encouragement Even With The War


This story begins with various events in the life of Christina Cross, many of which are heart wrenching.  Christina does what she can to honor her father (which was killed by lightening) and take care of her family through tragic events that occur.  She is a very strong and determined lady.  She desires to help her family and provide the best she can for them. She soon finds herself working in a hotel providing for her mother, sister and brother.  She tries to offer her love and support even if they don't realize it.  Christina has a passion to sing as her father did, and uses that gift to the approval of Senator Caradine.    While Senator Caradine looked at Christina as a daughter figure, she looked at him romantically.  However, Laurent a gentleman seeking Christina's attention soon enters the picture causing greater confusion.  This story provides much historical data of which I am typically not a fan of, but I do enjoy the storyline that follows Christina and continue to follow it at a fast reading pace. 
Right in the middle of the war with trouble on every hand, Christina was told something pretty profound.  "The important thing is that you keep love in your heart. Strife separates man from principle, but love mixes them together again."  Later in the book we find Christina within blockhouse #7 speaking to the prisoners, encouraging them and rallying them together urging them to not lose hope in the midst of such a terrible situation.  This is what one must do today when faced with difficult situations, be strong, courageous and encourage others.  
The amber fossil that Christina found while on the farm with her father made it many miles, through wars and later ended up in the hands of her sister Nicolette as she drew her last breath.  This is how love travels it appears.  When one falls in love with someone even the ills of life can't steal the love and admiration that one has for another.  
While I really enjoyed the story of Christina, I'm not much of a history buff and didn't enjoy all the details of the war, etc...  however for anyone that enjoys history and war stories I'm sure you will find this a very refreshing read.  There is great history concerning people, location, war, that I'm sure a history buff would find very interesting and entertaining.
I would give this book 4 of 5 stars.

HOLY: The Bible Companion

HOLY: The Bible Companion - Text Edition

Anthony Jon Beavers writes a very interesting book that begins by discussing truth and how the Bible reveals that truth.  We learn that what we do matters, bearing either a good or bad consequence.  In making these decisions the author describes how we need wisdom to recognize the difference between right and wrong, then doing what is right.  Anthony describes the importance of wisdom and how we must practice wisdom on a daily basis.  Other issues that he addressed were:  laziness, procrastination, order, priority, conduct, leading by example, knowledge, promises and character.  While there are many positive things we can do on a daily basis, we will also make mistakes, but how we learn from them is what is so important.  
This is just a quick view of what is found within this book using scripture and insight to stretch our way of thinking.

4 of 5 stars.

This book was provided free of charge by author Anthony Jon Beavers for a honest review.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


The Uncommon Thread

Dr. Anderson does a fine job of sharing various stories and events that have spanned over the course of his life and medical practice.
Found within his book are forty-four different threads that enlighten one to a great tapestry of life's events.  There are enough different threads found within the book sure to please most any reader.  There were a few that had me laughing, a few that really stretched my thinking and even others that caused me to deeply evaluate who I was and what I should do differently.
One of the priceless threads is the "Squirrel Story", this is one that the reader won't want to miss. Then there is the hilarious story of six-year old Maddie and "My Hunting Story" that will cause you to roll in laughter.  Later there is a story of an eleven-year old Maddie entitled "Loss of Magic" that is pure fun and enjoyable.  Also, don't miss the adventure of traveling (or difficulties of) in a bus across the country.  
While every story didn't captivate me, there were several that did.  I think this will be a book that many will find entertaining and enjoyable as you find yourself weaving through "The Uncommon Thread."
4 of 5 stars.

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Body In The Attic - Lindsay Downs

A Body in the Attic (Emily Dahill, CID)

This is the first book I have read by Lindsay Downs and I found it difficult to get into and enjoy.
Special Agent Emily Dahill of the CIA, had a very interesting partner in the form of a collie named, Dakota.  This animal wrote along with her in the sidecar of her motorcycle.  While there were various investigations, shootings, murder, etc... I didn't find this a very interesting and easy to follow book.  I actually read the book a couple of times looking for things I may have missed, but still came up short.  I didn't find the story line easy to follow and seemingly choppy.  I would give this read 1 of 5 stars.

Extremely Insightful

Stress Pandemic: The Lifestyle Solution
Author Paul Huljich has written a masterful book.  Within this book he has written four parts that I find really break down and define his overall objective in writing this great book.  
Part One deals with what the stress pandemic is, how stress affects you and how to overcome the stress that you may be facing.
There are charts: Potential Effects of Stress and Potential Causes of Stress which show how stress manages to work it's way into each of our lives.  How we deal with these various stress points is vitally important and even life altering.  
Paul describes two components that are essential to managing stress and living a life of wellness.  These two components are:  preparation and response.  It is here a person prepares themselves to be able to withstand the stress of life without it overwhelming them.
Part Two of the book deals with Nine Natural Steps that will enable a person to master the stress they are facing.  These steps include:  Taking Charge, Kicking Your Bad Habits, Learning to Say No, Affirmations, Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep, The Power of Awareness and to Never Give Up.
Then within these nine steps we find additional purposes.  "Steps 1,2, and 3 are the transformative steps, designed to address the underlying habits that are the cause of stress.  Steps 4, 5, 6, and 7 are the practical steps.  The function of these steps is to optimize your general wellness and allow you to feel better than you've ever felt before.  The final two steps, 8 and 9, provide insight for your continual self-assessment and also serve to illuminate the frontiers of your ongoing progress."  These steps are chocked full of information, illustrations, wisdom and insight that will be both rewarding and enlightening as you read alone.  
Part Three is Paul's personal story of his own battle with stress.  How it affected his life and how he chose to deal with it becoming the person he is today.  I found this section to be very enriching and valuable.  It all does us well to know we aren't the only one to ever deal with a particular problem or issue and Paul opens up and shares from his personal experience.
Part Four is filled with Resources.  There are notes, references, charts, illustrations, exercises and so much more.
This is certainly a much needed book for this hour.  With so many people filled to the brim with stress causing untold damage on their bodies, jobs, marriage, etc... we truly need a resource such as this to give us comfort.  This is truly a source of encouragement that things can improve and become better if we only learn how to handle our stress.
5 of 5 stars.
This book was provided free of charge by for my honest review.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Juice Fasting: Reboot Your Body

Juice Fasting: Reboot Your Body (UPDATED and IMPROVED)

This was a delightful book by: Rheba Estante.  She gives a great overview of both the pros and cons of fasting as well as various recipes as well as various juicers one could purchase.
From the words of the author herself we find a great overview of the book, "...a juice fast is a type of diet where a person only consumes juice made from fruits, vegetables, or a combination of both for a period of time.  Most juice fasts last at least 3 days and often requires the use of a juicer..."  We later learn there are many types of fasts and they involve their own rules and ingredients.  
The medical community seems divided on the subject of the value of a juice fast.  Some believe it helps the body get rid of waste that has built up within a person's digestive system, while others see it as a harm to the overall health of one's body.  The author goes so far as to state:  "With no scientific evidence indicating that there is any health benefit to fasting, there is no medical reason to juice fast."  Later on in the book there is the indication that there would be value in eating well along with juicing.  
The author gives various recipes as well as how to do a juice fast in the most healthy way, thus giving the general layperson a great overview of how to do things as healthy as possible.  The readers is also given additional resources and products should they be interested in doing a juice fast for themselves.
I really enjoyed reading about this topic and felt that .the author gave gave viewpoints and highlights along the way.
I was provided this book by for my honest and personal review of the material.
5 of 5 stars

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Challenging Yet Rewarding

This book by Michele Nicole is based on her own personal experiences she has faced in life.  She has written the material to both help herself move forward in life as well as to assist other ladies who find themselves in similar battles.  She deals with her feelings, desires and needs which help her to become a better lady after she processes all that has occurred within her life.

She has a close friend MJ that she shares the ups and downs of these life changing events.  There is one statement that she shared with MJ in the book that I found very rewarding.  She told MJ:  "I compromised to be with him."  When Michele understood that she made compromising choices to be with this man for three years she began to understand what those choices had caused and what she needed to do  to become the person she truly desired to become.

The author leads us through her life describing both the positive as well as the less than positive experiences in life.  However, both help to make her the person she is today one who  will make wiser decisions to become the person that she truly desires to become.

While I understand this book is based on life experiences and meant to be told as such,  however, I personally would have liked for it to used less strong language. I could see the value of the material being used for both personal and group discussion however some would be offended by the language.  Also the author talks about being thankful to God and getting her life on track.  I would like for her to expound on that and her relationship with God.  Maybe this could take on the form of more of a self-help book with discussion questions at the end?

Witty, Fun and Entertaining

Death By Chocolate (The Killer Confection)

Julie Anne Lindsey does a fantastic job of providing funny, witty and adventurous characters to fuel our imaginations.
Ruby is a real gem and deals with the escapades of her husband in her own way.  Charlotte her dear friend is like a
close partner in crime.  When the two get together you will soon find yourself wondering what they will get into next.
From the local church, bakery, homeless center, to their neighborhood and friends you will find yourself being entertained
with surprise after surprise.
I am happy this will be a series and additional books will be forthcoming.  It will be an adventure I'm sure for each of us
as we continue the journey of chocolate.
4 of 5 stars 

Life Challenging Story

In All Things Giving Thanks When Hope Seems Lost

Author Laura Smith provides us with a real life story concerning how she encounters many life changing events from such a
early age throughout her life. There are many times that Laura could have chosen a easier path but continually tried to do 
what was right for both her and her family.
She finds herself married, with a young child and a less than faithful husband soon after graduating high school.  Soon another
child is born and while juggling the lack of help from her husband Laura provides the best she can for her two children. While
she faced difficulty that caused her great amounts of strain she chose to get a divorce from someone who wouldn't help her or 
her children to try and better their life.
She later marries Tony and he accepts both of the girls as his own.  There were many circumstances that caused great stress 
within their lives from the various events that the girls would find themselves in.  You are led down this road of both joy, sadness,
confusion and dependence upon God.  
I really enjoyed reading this book and hope to read many more from author Laura Smith.
5 of 5 stars.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Amazing Matilda: A Monarch's Tale

I enjoyed how Matilda, a tiny caterpillar, begins her journey from the size of an egg and eagerly wonders when she would be able to fly.  While she verbalized this, the Sparrow requested that she have patience and follow her instincts and one day she would be able to fly.   Soon she met a Toad who shared about how he learned to leap and move about, but Matilda didn’t want to leap she wanted to fly.  In the story we see Matilda changing colors many times, each one reflecting who she is currently while becoming something totally different as well.  She then meets a Rabbit who shared how they learned to hop, but Matilda didn’t want to hop she wanted to fly.  She continued to eat day after day and soon realized how tired she was and that she needed a nap.  Soon Matilda seemed to be covered by a soft green blanket surrounding her and she continued to change inside.  When she awoke from her nap the other friends noticed something different.  Matilda now had wings, wings that she had longed for to help her fly.  At first she didn’t succeed but her friends kept encouraging her to try, to spread her wings, to flap them until she could take off.  With enough effort and courage soon Matilda began to lift herself from the earth and soar high above the others.  They cheered her on and she waved goodbye to them as she soared away.

I believe most any child would enjoy this book as well as adults.  I enjoyed how the author shared support and encouragement from the other animals.  How they prepared Matilda to believe in herself, to have patience and rely on her instincts.  We must believe in ourselves and others as well.  When we begin to do that, we will be able to soar as Matilda above the circumstances that we encounter as well as help others to do the same. 
I would highly recommend this book to others who desire a challenge to become a better person.

Awesome Material

The Low-Fructose Approach to Weight Control

When I first viewed this book I was somewhat intimated by the size of it, however after beginning my read I found it to be a very enjoyable and insightful book.  Dr. Bray doesn't just promote or push a particular diet, he gives studies, results, thoughts and insights into why something may or may not work but also promotes the ideal that each of us are different and we respond differently to various methods.
There is great information concerning both low and high fructose and the results of both.  While we can't escape fructose we can learn how to modify our behavior to make it less obtrusive to our system when we consume it correctly.
There are wonderful charts signifying what is low to high fructose explaining what is better for your health and well being.  There are great examples of how to lose weight thus bringing sugar levels under control.  
Dr. Bray talks about monitoring your behavior and then changing your behavior for a more healthy lifestyle.  He gives great insight into how one can improve their health and do so with a positive result.  
After reading many diet books and feeling confused as to what would or would not work, I can honestly say that this is one of the best books that I have read.  I found it to be one that I will keep within my library to use as a reference tool.
I received a complimentary copy of "The Low-Fructose Approach to Weight Control" as a member of the Dorrance Publishing Book Review Team.  Visit to learn how you can become a member of the Book Review Team.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Very Stretching and Enlighting

Confessions of a Heretic: How a Right Wing, Fundamentalist, Conservative Pastor Became a Leftist, Liberal Heathen

This book was divided into two distinct sections. The first being of the authors own experiences and calling to be a pastor. The second part deals with various topics of concern that share his views as well as other insights.
The first section was very enjoyable to read as you learned about how someone was raised, believed and then discovered new beliefs as they matured and grew in life. I really could see the value of Christians reading this material and allowing themselves to be stretched and learn from another's life experiences.
The second section was deeper in theology and topics. It is here that my personal differences in the authors views would come into play, however I did enjoy the learning and stretching experience.
This book certainly helps one to think about why they believe what they do as well as to develop a way of explaining those beliefs. While many mainline Christians within the local churches won't agree with the author on many of his beliefs, I personally feel many of the issues that he brought to light are beneficial.
I agree that we should spend more time in being like Jesus than in one of the Apostles or rules of the church. It is so easy to be like the religious leaders of the New Testament that we forget that Christ is to be the example of mankind.
I would give this 5 of 5 stars because of how open, humble and no mud slinging the author was in his presentation.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bloom - Julie Anne Lindsey

Bloom: Seeds of Love (Honey Creek Books)

This is the first book that I have read by Julie Anne Lindsey but I certainly will look forward to many more to come.
I really enjoyed the spunky Cyndi who left Honey Creek to explore the city lights in New York. While she returns for a brief visit with her grandmother, things take a turn as she encounters the likes of Mitchell Fallon. She immediately noticed how handsome he was but was furious at how slow he was driving his tractor causing her to almost be late to meet her grandmother when she returned home.
After several outbursts toward Michell she later found out he was the local church pastor. While she hadn't been attending church for quite sometime, wondering if she would ever be able to move past her experiences, she was falling for this wonderful man.
Through several events that unfold concerning the reasons why Cyndi left Honey Creek and the care and understanding of Mitchell she found that God's love was forgiving and that she could accept not only His love, but Mitchell's as well.
This is a very enjoyable read.
5 of 5 stars.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Freedom Costs A Price

Freedom Costs A Price

Liberty Restore by Andrew Lopez is a fast moving type book. There is much to learn from the author concerning how one should view their freedom and not take for granted that which we possess. Since 9/11 things have changed so much and how we must view security. I enjoyed the chapter in the park, the shooting, fallout and results of never giving up.
While this book may not be a read for everyone I do think if you enjoy action, security, government and freedom material, you will enjoy this read.
I wish Mr. Lopez much success with this book as well as others that are sure to come in the future.
4 of 5 stars.