Monday, November 18, 2013

How Did They Do That?

How Did They Do That?

Deborah Tompkins Johnson spins a beautiful illustration of stories of personal lives into her book: "How Did They Do That? Author Johnson takes people from various careers, points of view, stages in life and shares their story of how their journey developed and what it took for them to arrive to the point they are now. Maybe you are a: Dancer, Coach, Soldier, Minister, Actor or Politician? Maybe you would like to know how your life could matter to anyone and how God could use you to make an influence in the lives of others? Well this book certainly gives not only examples of that, but hope and encouragement that allows the reader to know that each of us are made uniquely and special by God and our lives can amount to a great thing if we will but allow Him to lead and guide us.
"How Did They Do That? isn't a quick fix book, rather it gives the reader the enjoyment of knowing that others before them made it and so can they. Rather human, sometimes without a lot of gifts and graces it appears, born on the wrong side of the tracks are all excuses that we have used, yet not enough to hold these individuals down found within this heartwarming book. Author Johnson engages the reader to allow them to be seen within the pages as they turn and read with great anticipation of what is to come next within the person's story.
Each chapter concludes with "WOW (Words of Wisdom)" and "What Can YOU Do Now?" sections that challenges the reader to apply truth and insight into their lives so they can become the person that God is calling them to become.
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Friday, November 15, 2013

Tall, Dark, and Handsome and Other Devotionals by Christopher Hall

Author Christopher Hall gives inspiring views along his journey in his book entitled:  "Tall, Dark, And Handsome And Other Devotionals."  He shares couple page stories on various days over a ten year span. This book would be a great book to read and reflect upon on a daily basis to receive a nugget of truth, insight and personal observations to stimulate one's own personal thinking.
While the title appeared to be other than a devotional book, upon reading the introduction the reader will quickly understand what Mr. Hall is trying to convey with the title of the book. The story dated 4/18/2010 was very interesting, especially captivating and insightful. Mr. Hall shares personal stories of his family and himself of both the good as well as the imperfections that are found within them. He is very human and willing to reflect that in his writings to allow the reader to find encouragement and support through his written words. He uses scriptures to validate his stories and points. He shares stories in a way that are both encouraging and uplifting.
I would recommend this book as a book of encouragement, stimulating and material that will push the reader from their comfort zone. This book will challenge the reader to become the person that Christ has called each one to become.

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When The Brook Dries Up

When the Brook Dries Up Inspiration & Hope For Facing Life's Challenges
"When The Brook Dries Up" is a very thought provoking and helpful book filled with great wisdom and insight by author Blondina Howes Jeffrey's. I personally enjoyed the book because there was a nice balance of being real concerning life's trials, up and down moments as well as how God answers prayers in both silence and responses. Many question why they are experiencing strife and confusion within their life, yet we must be reminded that being a Christian doesn't make one immune to the difficulties of life. Dried up brooks are a reality for everyone in general, yet most of the time we desire to be comfortable and never desire to experience anything less than enjoyable, yet it is within these moments that we grow in our faith.
Author Jeffrey's does a wonderful job as she provides wisdom and insight along with scriptures to support her view as well as giving the reader context for further study. "When The Brook Dries Up" is skillfully written and one that I enjoyed and drew strength from. God's way of bringing deliverance to us may involve a person, a thing or event that we may find less than comfortable, yet we must embrace those moments if we truly desire to move forward to a point of celebration and victory.

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Oh WOW This Changes Everything

Oh, Wow! This Changes Everything!

"Oh, WOW this changes everything" is a very interesting, challenging and rewarding book by author Melody Brooke, MA. This book helps the reader to understand the responsibility they must make in taking control over their life and making changes to enable them to have a healthy and vibrant life. Mrs. Brooke describes the way our brain works, the Cycle of Egocentrism and how one views themself as the victim, the self-protector or the rescuer. These are described ways in which we are programmed to react to a threat or an unsafe situation. However, the author enables the reader to understand they can live outside the drama and overcome these emotional circumstances found within their life.
Confusion of who we are and why we respond as we do is another important feature found within this writing. Author Brooke helps the reader to understand that "...we THINK we are something different than what we ARE." We must live above the blame game and refuse to be the victim of life's situations. We can rise above it and live in empowerment high above the blame game. While we must choose to accept our own level of responsibility we mustn't allow others and/or our mind to dictate to us that we are less than we truly are. We should establish healthy boundaries within our lives not allowing people, events or our past keep us from rising above the difficulties that others and even we try to place upon us.
The book closes with the thoughts of how we can develop a strong relationship with ourselves, have compassionate relations with others and live beyond the drama that normally seem to encase a person's life. This is a very well written and encouraging book. If you are looking to move past where you are and become a stronger individual this would be a great book to read.
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Monday, November 11, 2013


Examine Your Faith!: Finding Truth in a World of Lies
Author Pamela Christian in her book entitled: "Examine Your Faith! Finding Truth in a World of Lies" challenges the reader to examine their own beliefs in view of various religions and beliefs around the world. While Pamela Christian explores various religions allowing the reader to have a good solid understanding of what each one stands for and what they represent, she also gives great wisdom and insight into the views and beliefs of Christianity. She compels the reader to discover the truth of Christianity and decide upon that which one will defend and stand for within one's life.
Various views of Jesus, His birth, prophecies and resurrection allow the reader to truly examine what they believe and how they will choose to share those beliefs with others. Scriptures are given for reference and enables the reader to study these in greater detail to have a solid foundation for what they believe. The endnotes also gives the reader additional places to do additional study should they desire.
The question Mrs. Christian inquires of the reader is; "Will You Believe?" This causes the reader to search deep within their inner self to do an intentional examination of their faith. Saving faith are two components which include: Believing and Receiving. These are key ingredients for the life of a Christian, now the final question is: Will you accept the truth or believe a lie?

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