Monday, November 18, 2013

How Did They Do That?

How Did They Do That?

Deborah Tompkins Johnson spins a beautiful illustration of stories of personal lives into her book: "How Did They Do That? Author Johnson takes people from various careers, points of view, stages in life and shares their story of how their journey developed and what it took for them to arrive to the point they are now. Maybe you are a: Dancer, Coach, Soldier, Minister, Actor or Politician? Maybe you would like to know how your life could matter to anyone and how God could use you to make an influence in the lives of others? Well this book certainly gives not only examples of that, but hope and encouragement that allows the reader to know that each of us are made uniquely and special by God and our lives can amount to a great thing if we will but allow Him to lead and guide us.
"How Did They Do That? isn't a quick fix book, rather it gives the reader the enjoyment of knowing that others before them made it and so can they. Rather human, sometimes without a lot of gifts and graces it appears, born on the wrong side of the tracks are all excuses that we have used, yet not enough to hold these individuals down found within this heartwarming book. Author Johnson engages the reader to allow them to be seen within the pages as they turn and read with great anticipation of what is to come next within the person's story.
Each chapter concludes with "WOW (Words of Wisdom)" and "What Can YOU Do Now?" sections that challenges the reader to apply truth and insight into their lives so they can become the person that God is calling them to become.
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5 of 5 stars

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