Friday, November 15, 2013

When The Brook Dries Up

When the Brook Dries Up Inspiration & Hope For Facing Life's Challenges
"When The Brook Dries Up" is a very thought provoking and helpful book filled with great wisdom and insight by author Blondina Howes Jeffrey's. I personally enjoyed the book because there was a nice balance of being real concerning life's trials, up and down moments as well as how God answers prayers in both silence and responses. Many question why they are experiencing strife and confusion within their life, yet we must be reminded that being a Christian doesn't make one immune to the difficulties of life. Dried up brooks are a reality for everyone in general, yet most of the time we desire to be comfortable and never desire to experience anything less than enjoyable, yet it is within these moments that we grow in our faith.
Author Jeffrey's does a wonderful job as she provides wisdom and insight along with scriptures to support her view as well as giving the reader context for further study. "When The Brook Dries Up" is skillfully written and one that I enjoyed and drew strength from. God's way of bringing deliverance to us may involve a person, a thing or event that we may find less than comfortable, yet we must embrace those moments if we truly desire to move forward to a point of celebration and victory.

5 of 5 stars
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