Friday, November 15, 2013

Tall, Dark, and Handsome and Other Devotionals by Christopher Hall

Author Christopher Hall gives inspiring views along his journey in his book entitled:  "Tall, Dark, And Handsome And Other Devotionals."  He shares couple page stories on various days over a ten year span. This book would be a great book to read and reflect upon on a daily basis to receive a nugget of truth, insight and personal observations to stimulate one's own personal thinking.
While the title appeared to be other than a devotional book, upon reading the introduction the reader will quickly understand what Mr. Hall is trying to convey with the title of the book. The story dated 4/18/2010 was very interesting, especially captivating and insightful. Mr. Hall shares personal stories of his family and himself of both the good as well as the imperfections that are found within them. He is very human and willing to reflect that in his writings to allow the reader to find encouragement and support through his written words. He uses scriptures to validate his stories and points. He shares stories in a way that are both encouraging and uplifting.
I would recommend this book as a book of encouragement, stimulating and material that will push the reader from their comfort zone. This book will challenge the reader to become the person that Christ has called each one to become.

4 of 5 Stars

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