Friday, November 15, 2013

Oh WOW This Changes Everything

Oh, Wow! This Changes Everything!

"Oh, WOW this changes everything" is a very interesting, challenging and rewarding book by author Melody Brooke, MA. This book helps the reader to understand the responsibility they must make in taking control over their life and making changes to enable them to have a healthy and vibrant life. Mrs. Brooke describes the way our brain works, the Cycle of Egocentrism and how one views themself as the victim, the self-protector or the rescuer. These are described ways in which we are programmed to react to a threat or an unsafe situation. However, the author enables the reader to understand they can live outside the drama and overcome these emotional circumstances found within their life.
Confusion of who we are and why we respond as we do is another important feature found within this writing. Author Brooke helps the reader to understand that "...we THINK we are something different than what we ARE." We must live above the blame game and refuse to be the victim of life's situations. We can rise above it and live in empowerment high above the blame game. While we must choose to accept our own level of responsibility we mustn't allow others and/or our mind to dictate to us that we are less than we truly are. We should establish healthy boundaries within our lives not allowing people, events or our past keep us from rising above the difficulties that others and even we try to place upon us.
The book closes with the thoughts of how we can develop a strong relationship with ourselves, have compassionate relations with others and live beyond the drama that normally seem to encase a person's life. This is a very well written and encouraging book. If you are looking to move past where you are and become a stronger individual this would be a great book to read.
5 of 5 stars

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