Monday, December 31, 2012

Whole Weight

Whole Weigh

Author Charlotte Denny Henley in her book: "Whole Weight - How to Quit Dieting and Start Living a Healthy & Whole Life" writes very convincingly about how to change the way one views themselves and how they can become a healthier person. There is so much focus on dieting that most people give up quickly and many times put on more pounds than they lost while on the diet. There must not only be a change of how one eats but also their entire being, if they are to become a truly healthier individual.
Author Henley deals with the purpose of balance and how important that is within the life of every person. When one's life is out of balance there will never be a true change within. Many of the weight issues that people are dealing with are on the exterior while true issues are found deep within the individual. The way one thinks certainly makes a huge impact on how one lives. We should realize that as our mind takes us we seem to follow.
There is a wonderful checklist included within the book that deals with things the person must do on a daily basis if they are to change their lives into the productive individual they desire to become. There are included within the book sections dealing with: Things a person does right as well as what a person can be grateful for on a daily basis. There are also self-affirmations and a great list of resources available to help the reader go even deeper within their research of how to become a healthier individual. If you are looking for a quick weight loss program this may not be the book for you, however if you are looking for a book that deals with the true issues of how to become healthy and enjoy life, then I would certainly consider reading this book.

4 of 5 stars

When Cancer Strikes A Friend

When Cancer Strikes a Frien...

This is a very well written and insightful book written by Bonnie E. Draeger. In her book, "When Cancer Strikes a Friend" she helps the reader understand some of the things an individual that is experiencing the turmoil of cancer is going through. She also gives examples of how to best be their friend and offer true help that will make a real difference. She gives the reader clear direction of not making an open ended statement to the cancer patient, such as just let me know what you need and I'll be here. While that may sound good to the giver, it isn't a lot of help to the cancer patient. They would be better off knowing what specific times you can help as well as what specifically you are willing to do. Author Draeger also gives boundaries for the giver so they don't experience burnout. 
Another part of the book deals with "Ten Gifts of Friendship" and gives great details within each of these gifts. This allows the reader to better understand their real value and how they can contribute the most in this situation. There is a great need for the givers to be filled with hope and cheer providing a presence of peace to the cancer victim. However, even while being joyous it can't be done in a fake and unreal manner. 
The author gives the reader some very important sections within the book, such as: Questions and Answers with Experts, a glossary explaining many words that are used that may be unfamiliar to the general public and well as a section of resources that are available to help educate the one who desires to give and offer their services.
This is a very well written book and valuable resource for any friend, family member, church or group that desires to learn how to better help those who are experiencing the difficulties of cancer.

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Your Family Legacy

Your Family Legacy

What a wonderfully written book by, author Michael W. Palumbos. His book, "Your Family Legacy" gives the reader "32 ways to preserve your family's 'wealth' for generations. Author Palumbos helps describe that having money isn't as important as knowing how to make it, therefore if one should lose their wealth they still know the formula on how to rebuild their financial status. He indicates that money, values and knowledge are great assets to pass on to other generations.
Author Palumbos gives great wisdom and insight in how a family can help themselves as well as others. While there is a view of helping others, there is also the need of helping oneself first so that individual can in fact truly help others. The book is broke down into four basic areas: 1) Family Wealth, 2) Family Business, 3) Family Values and 4) Family Legacy. The author very well states how a business will not succeed if the focus is on the family’s needs rather than the needs of the business. There is also the importance of making sure the values of the family are passed down as far as the seventh generation.
I found this to be a very inspiring and rewarding book. If you are looking for ways to make yourself and your family better and stronger then this is a book you won't want to miss. There is also a great list of resources at the end of the book to provide the reader with additional material to make wise decisions for their future.
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Cafeteria Covenant

Cafeteria Covenant The Voic...

Author Dee Marvin Emeigh writes beautifully on how we are challenged within life to live above the standard of the world and follow the example of Jesus Christ. In "Cafeteria Covenant - The Voice, The Choice and the Challenge" the reader will see the struggles the author encountered by those who were within the church. There is the evidence that those within the church, at times, can be some of the most difficult people to deal with.
This is a book of encouragement and support for the believer. It allows the reader to see the bigger picture, even if they are encountering hurt and discouraging moments from those within the church. Author Emeigh went through times of a rough marriage that led to a divorce, yet having to deal with God's call upon her life and if she could move past this and fulfill that calling. Even when an individual works through their own struggles sometimes those in the church won't allow the person to move forward. They continually hold the past over them, causing them to feel less spiritual and unable to fulfill that calling.
Emeigh helps the reader understand that no matter what is in the past, the call of God is real and current. There are great views that are shared helping the believer forward in the faith. There is the reminder that the believer must listen to the voice of God and move forward in faith, not allowing the church or the world cause them to give up and quit. 
This is a very encouraging and supportive book that anyone within the church would benefit from.
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Awaken and Unleash Your Victor

Awaken and Unleash Your Victor: Uncover the Path to Your Magnificent Destiny

"Awaken and Unleash Your Victor" written by author Ogor Winnie Okoye is truly an amazing book. Unleashing the Victor within ourselves is a must if we are to become the person we were destined to be. Many times we fail to understand the importance that our mind plays on whether we are a positive or negative thinker. If we allow negative thoughts to dwell within then we will become a negative person drawing others down with us. However, if we are a positive thinker then we have the opportunity to not only improve ourselves but also to build up others and help them to become a better thinker as well.
Author Okoye deals with mental detoxification and the importance of dealing with all the negative stuff within one's mind before it takes control over the individual. She has challenged me to get rid of the junk and replace with the positive, well being thoughts that help to make us stronger. 
If you are struggling with depression, negative thinking or just wondering how to make each day a little brighter then this would be a great read. There are personal hands on things that you can immediately use to see the benefit of quickly as well as longer range concepts that will help to develop you into the thinker and person God desires you to be.
There is a nice balance between acknowledging that a person can't do it all on their own needing the grace of God. It also deals with not placing all the responsibility on God and shucking the individual’s obligation to do their own part in making lifestyle changes.
This is a very rewarding and refreshing read.
5 of 5 stars.

Hip Hip Hurray We Found Teddy

"Hip Hip Hurray We Found Teddy!!!" is a very interesting children's book that children will find amusing and enjoyable. Author Siliva Sullivan allows the reader into the life of a mouse whose life is very orderly and tidy. Mouse enjoys the routine that he has started, finds it fulfilling and the town where he lived was even called, "Everything Has A Place." Keeping his home neat and orderly made mouse feel like neatness came from within his heart. 
Mouse spent much of his time planting trees and providing a great resource to the environment. One day while Mouse was shopping at the market for fruit and vegetables his friends Meerkat and Monkey came into his house. Once in the house they became hungry so they ate leaving the kitchen in a mess. Then they went to the playroom and played with Mouse's toys leaving them all over the room. Then they went to the bedroom having a pillow fight and yet another room was a mess. Soon Meerkat and Monkey left the house and when Mouse returned home he was heartbroken that anyone would cause such havoc within his tidy house. He found out who had caused this mess and told them they should come over and help clean up the mess they had created.
They returned to the house to help Monkey clean up the mess only to find one thing missing. They looked and looked for Mouse's Teddy Bear. Finally upon opening the dishwasher there was Teddy all wet but clean. They apologized to Mouse and vowed to never do anything like this again. Mouse was joined again with his Teddy Bear and all turned out well.
This is a fun and entertaining book, which would be a great resource in school libraries as well as to be used for children's story time.
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The Reindeer Keeper

The Reindeer Keeper by Barbara Briggs Ward

The question of believing is one that author Barbara Briggs Ward brings to life in her book, "The Reindeer Keeper." She enables the reader to experience that when one truly believes there is an unending list of possibilities that can occur. The reader is taken along a journey of a beautiful couple's example of believing in simple childlike faith. It appears that when one must know all the details and plans that the excitement of the journey is missed. Abby and Steve allow the spirit of believing to take them to areas of their life that most will never travel. While they have experienced a great romance and marriage, they also experienced the struggles that every family face when cancer invades one's body. They share their strength and determination with their family and help to build great character among them. No matter what the children will face, they know that the example set before them is one of love and compassion.
Being a chosen reindeer keeper, Abby truly enjoyed her ability to help Santa make a difference all over the world, however one day that will be passed to someone else. I was eagerly waiting to find out whom that someone would be and enjoyed the outcome. I wonder how many times a person has been chosen to perform a very important task and miss the blessings associated with it by not fulfilling that calling? Abby has challenged me to step up and accept the opportunity that is before me. 
This is a wonderful Christmas story. A story that will provide hope, inspiration and enjoyment.
5 of 5 stars

Words Falling Like Water

Words Falling Like Water by Sonya Vaughn

"Words Falling Like Water" is a very interesting, frustrating, funny, yet heartbreaking story all wrapped up into one.  First time author Sonya Vaughn explains how the failing auto industry has suffered and how that suffering has impacted the people worldwide. There are examples given within the book of injustice and pure evil, yet by the time you arrive at the last page your heart is cheering one of the main characters on for their newfound freedom and ability to look beyond the present.
Lily and her husband Tim have a little boy named Benjamin who. They are experiencing many of the issues couples everyone face. Tim has been let go from his job and is unemployed with little hope of finding a job. The stresses that come with these issues have cause them to grow farther apart, with Tim even moving to the basement. You will be taken down the road of how a couple deals with their challenges as well as how a corporate mother deals with all the pressures on a daily basis. There are lives impacted by huge layoffs in the auto industry and those effects continue to ripple. With the recession hitting, the characters must deal with a lot of pressure and abuse from corporate American.
This is a very interesting read and I learned many things while eagerly turning page by page. If you would like to read a book that is current and fresh this will certainly meet that criteria.
5 of 5 stars 

Saving Gracie

Saving Gracie

Escape fantasies seems to be a good way to describe this book, "Saving Gracie."  There is great detail of what happens in the life of a young lady no matter the ups and downs. Author Jill Teitelman, takes the reader along a journey of looking into her life to see how she deals with the punches that life throws her way. The reader will experience rejection, hurt, bitterness, anger,love, joy, and laughter allowing them to connect and become apart of the story. This isn't just a feel good book, but rather one that is real concerning feelings and life's tough challenges. 
Ruth is a real lady with real struggles that most people experience and can relate to. Gracie is a friend who hangs with her in the good and bad allowing the reader to see what a great friend looks like. Makes the reader ponder the relationships they have built and if someone will stand with them through thick and thin. Also, it begs the question would we be a Gracie to someone that needs us? There are some thoughts within that are good, however I didn't get into the book as I would have liked to. I struggled to keep reading  but was challeneged to learn from life's situations and become wiser in how I deal with people and even how I respond to things in life. So my take away from the book is to become the best person you can be as well as helping others to become the best they can be. That would be a wonderful feeling to know you are helping others while improving yourself.
3 of 5 stars.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Never Change What Is Natural

Author Prague Raja does a wonderful job in the book, "Never Change What Is Natural." The reader is allowed into the lives of both a very rich man who has everything he could ever dream of and a man who is not well off and working just to make ends meet. When Sir Louis describes his desire to have a different set of eyes, a set that only five people living could possibility possess, some thought he was crazy. With a doctor, lawyer and private detective Sir Louis starts on his quest to find those perfect eyes. One day he sees just that man and asks him to his mansion the next day to meet with him. At that meeting he offers Sham a large amount of money to have a surgery that would remove his eyes and be replaced with Sir Louis's eyes. 
While this is a very strange request Sham agrees to the operation and soon the surgery takes place, but then things begin to get a little weird for both Sir Louis as well as Sham. It's amazing how we see things from a different persons view. You will not want to miss what transpires and how this change affects both gentlemen. 
On one hand you will see someone who has great wealth who wants even more in a new set of eyes and you will see a man without means who has a heart of gold willing to help his fellow man. This is a very interesting read and one that I quickly shared with another. It helped me to see how different people with different backgrounds respond to a situation and how we in life react very similar. 

5 of 5 stars

Show Grins, Women Who Walk on Water"

"Show Grins, Women Who Walk on Water" is a beautifully written book about a disease that very few people know about. Sjogren's syndrome is the second most common autoimmune disease and has impacted lives of many. This disease wasn't identified until 1993 by Dr. Henrik Sjogren, of which so many have suffered without knowing the root cause. 
Tennis Pro Venus Williams experienced this disease and had to leave the circuit because of how it impacted her body. Author Betty Collier does a wonderful job of weaving five different stories throughout this book. While presenting the reader with this terrible disease, Betty writes it from a very inspiring and uplifting way to encourage ladies that may be experiencing some of these symptoms and don't have a clue what is happening to their body.
Within these five stories the reader will see that this disease reaches across the borders of age, ethnic groups and social economic status. It is how a person reacts to the news of this disease that has entered their body that will truly make a difference within their lives. While experiencing things they have never had to deal with, sheer determination and support of one's family makes a huge difference. They may have to slow down with certain things, but they don't have to stop living. That is a very encouraging point that I was able to lift from this book. Even when trouble comes, face it head on and be an over comer.
I would recommend this book to anyone that is experiencing a change within their body that seems very different and unusual. It would be better to know than live life without the knowledge of how to face Sjogren's  syndrome head on.
5 of 5 stars

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life's What Happens

Life's What Happens by Kathy Clark

There are stories of how these young men find love, live in a frat house, and experience the understanding of a house mom who reaches out to help guide them along this journey. There is the priest of the school who eats with them and tries to influence them in a positive manner. Living in this local college town community builds a close bond with the local business owners, which help these young men and women while away from home.
While I enjoyed the premise of the book, I do wish it had been shorter in length. I got a little weary of too many stories leading up to the portion about the draft. While I understand the need for the stories of various students, I feel that it could have been written tighter and still been just as effective.
3 of 5 stars

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ella the Pink Elephant Her Life, Love and Fame

Ella the Pink Elephant: Her Life, Love and Fame

"Ella the Pink Elephant Her Life, Love and Fame" is a very delightful and entertaining children's book.  Author Doris Rueger takes the reader along the journey of a newborn elephant named Ella till her retirement. The zoo really cared about their animals and brought in Zeppo the Clown to take care of Ella this newborn elephant. 
Zeppo soon became Ella's favorite playmate and he told her stories and pictures of clowns that he had worked with. Soon Zeppo started dressing up Ella in various outfits. He soon decided on purchasing everything in pink and making her his pink princess Ella.  She loved being with the children when they came to the zoo and later decided to help out with weddings.  Her new caretaker would be Anna who she came to love and adore. Anna's tender love and care soon splashed all over Ella and they created a beautiful bonding relationship. 
After years of helping with weddings Ella was growing weary and asked Anna to take her back to the zoo where she could rest in peace. It was then that she looked into a mirror and saw her gray wrinkled skin. She wondered who would love her now. Zeppo had grown older as well but continued to visit Ella reminding her that age doesn't separate friends, they would always have each other. It was then that she began to accept herself and enjoy her days in the zoo without any pink just the memories of knowing how happy she had made so many people.
I think author Doris Rueger does a wonderful job of helping describe how not only an elephant can get caught up in appearances and attire but so can people. When this happens it is easy to lose focus of what is really important. I was reminded that what we do for others and who we are internally is what matters. This is a great but simple reminder that we must be happy with who we are and reach other to help and encourage others.  The artwork was very interesting as it looked to be drawn by crayons?
5 of 5 stars

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Heaven or Hell

Heaven or Hell

Author Roni Teson did a very interesting job of keeping the reader spellbound in her book, "Heaven or Hell." This book details events about life, death and life after death in a very unique and interesting way. There are many facets within the book that readers will relate to and be driven by. Maybe it's the death of a loved one, the anger that has been built up because of an alcoholic father, the disappearance of a father when you needed him the most or feeling like someone is around you trying to tell you something? Each of us have our own story to tell and within the pages of this book is an earth gripping story with some heavenly twists to it.
Joe, this alcoholic father later turns his life around by helping others in need and on the street. He becomes a very close friend to the priest in this neighborhood and finds this priest will stand by him through thick and thin regardless of the outcome. Theresa deals with a lot of grief, anger, and hurt when she finds out that her dad is still alive after she, as well as her aunt, had given up years before of ever finding him alive.
Then what about the sister who is killed in the automobile accident? What about speaking to people, riding on clouds and trying to make a difference in her family’s life? There are many things that will entertain you as well as cause you to wonder could something like this truly happen as the author has described?
This was a very enjoyable read and I appreciated the opportunity to read a book by Roni Teson and look forward to her next publication.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Floats the Dark Shadows

Floats The Dark Shadow
A winged cross, graveyards, occult practice, tarot cards, innards laying outside a dead body, brazen sexual acts, orgies, virgin blood for sacrifice, degrading of women, harmful practices that would affect one's life. These are just a small portion of things the reader will discover while reading Yves Fey's book: "Floats the Dark Shadow.”
Inspector Michel Devaux has spent much time dealing with crime and satanic activity. The killing of innocent people puts him on the path to find a killer that has gone rampant. This book also displays artist Theodora Faraday in a very interesting way. She has come to Paris by way of America and now here in this historic town she is continuing about her artistic ways.
There is a great amount of history and detail given in this late 1800's book moving the reader back in time. The detail of location, art, the occult is thoroughly studied out and not written just whimsically. The reader will be traveling alone wondering how things can work out in any form possible. There is so much trouble, death, satanic worship that the church and good seems to have no way to prevail. However, as you read the story you will be drawn to the encouragement of the writer as she leads the reader down this path. 
While this isn't a book that I terribly enjoyed I would say for this type of book, it was thoroughly researched and written in a very well manner. Just to say because it's not my type of book doesn't mean that someone who enjoys a darker type of written material wouldn't enjoy it from beginning to end.
3 of 5 stars

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Man In The Box

The Man in the Box

"The Man in the Box" by author Andrew Toy is a very fun, interesting book that will allow you to escape into another world. While Robbie is moving forward in the corporate world, he along with others are let go and now he must find a new beginning. His new beginning involves a simple cardboard box that leads him into another world of adventure. Soon the reader will see the hardships of Robbie as he is transported back and forth from this world to another by way of this cardboard box, spending countless hours inside. His family questions what is going on with him and why he is acting so weird, he can't tell them because he's not sure he isn't just dreaming everything, but then again how can he be when the signs everywhere around him point to it being so real.
Robbie and his family learn many interesting things through this journey. Robbie came to better understand the importance of spending time with family and leaning upon them. While his relationship with his dad wasn't strong, his wife continually tried to stand in the gap and keep the family strong and running. There was great insight offered by his wife on many occasions, some of which we can take away and implant within our own lives.
This is a fun book that one can just sit back and enjoy while going on the adventure with Robbie. However I will say the last portion of the book (which I will not reveal because it would be a spoiler) is absolutely awesome. There came a twist that I never thought about that was beautifully written. The ending of the book is what truly makes it a wonderful read. There were times I got weary with the journey in the box as I wanted it to end sooner, but after the ending, I appreciated it more.
4 of 5 stars.

A Soldier's Promise

A Soldier's Promise

"A Soldier's Promise" is a very interesting read concerning Force Captain John Mason Dixon.  He graduated in the top 2 percentile of this very elite group of Navy Seals and immediately received orders for his first tour in Puerto Rico, Mexico.  While on a mission John rescues a young lady named Nicole who he later falls in love with and they are married.  This serves to be a very difficult journey for them as they were together for a short time after getting married until John once again receives orders to deploy overseas again.  Nicole is now pregnant and is very stressed with John being away for so long.  You will be able to see the love and concern that this couple shares with each other throughout the pages of this book.
While I enjoyed the plot, theme and readability of the book, I was concerned about the graphic nature of the sexual content between John and Nicole.  While they are married and that part is good, it still describes their conduct in great detail.  This would not be a book for anyone under 18 years of age. 
I enjoyed the military aspect of the book, as well as the love that is shared among this couple.  If you are looking for a book that places high regard on love for family and love for country, you will enjoy reading this book as well. It is well written and very entertaining.  Authors Aija M. Butler and Thornne E. Xaiviantt did a great job of helping to bring to life the struggles that both the person in the military and their families go through with extended separation.  
4 of 5 stars

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Writers on the Edge

Writers On The Edge: 22 Writers Speak About Addiction and Dependency

"Writers on the Edge" is a book compiled by stories of 22 different writers and their stories of various addictions and struggles they have encountered within their life. While the purpose of the book is very good, I didn't feel most of the stories were well written. There were a few stories that really were gripping and very helpful as I was allowed into their life to see their story. In these few instances it was as though I felt the pain they felt and was drawn to reach out and try to help them overcome the problems they were facing.
With that being said, I do feel for anyone facing depression, battling alcohol, drugs, pornography, sexual addiction, suicide, etc... This would be a very good book to help you understand that you alone and that you can find strength and courage from the pages of this book. This would be a good resource to use in counseling and addict groups. Many of the stories were very insightful just not written in a way that I found the most helpful. I do appreciate what the editors have tried to accomplish in putting this book together and hope that people from all walks of life receive help from its material.
I received this book from Review the Book for my honest evaluation.
2 of 5 stars

Making The Choice Count

Product Details

Medical doctor Louis Koster does a wonderful job in his book, "A New Language For Life, Happy No Matter What!" of helping the reader gain new insight into how they can turn a mundane life situation into one that brings joy and happiness. This book provides the reader with "The Choice" which the author describes as making "...a firm commitment to be happy, fulfilled and satisfied with your current situation." So many allow the circumstances of life to dictate how they respond emotionally and Koster challenges the reader to take control of their emotions and the circumstances that surround their everyday living to make things enjoyable and fulfilling.
Next, he presents several types of power that an individual possess and how they can use them to turn their life from a negative prospective to a positive one. One of the sections that spoke loudly to me was the one on interruptions being a blessing and being centered. There is great insight given on how all interruptions aren't bad, some in fact are actually for our benefit. Also, when we focus on being centered and balanced within our life we stand less of a chance of an emotional wreck.
Sometimes we must change our way of thinking and living if we are to become a better person. We must learn to listen as well as to offer forgiveness and move past the points of who's right or wrong. We must allow positive, encouraging things into our life rather than the dead, lifeless, negative ones. The power of the tongue is very important and what we speak we tend to bring to pass within our lives.
While this is written in more of a New Age perspective, I think many of the principles are very valuable and insightful. Most anyone could take the advice of this author and become a better person. My only hesitation is that God isn't given the due credit for helping one become that person and it is left to an outer power or influence. For that reason I would have to give the book 4 instead of 5 stars.
This book was provided by the author for my honest review.
4 of 5 stars.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Genius of Ancient Man Evolution's Nightmare

The Genius of Ancient Man

Don Landis, general editor along with Jackson Hole Bible College, does an awesome job in dealing with the creation of man in their book entitled; "The Genius of Ancient Man Evolution's Nightmare."  Found within the pages of this book, is Biblical based answers for the beginning of the earth and how man has evolved. There are additionally terrific charts as well as pictures to make this book come alive with more than just the printed word. 
Listed within the pages of this book are also counterfeits that the author feels are in direct opposition to what God intended for this earth and mankind. There is great detail in how what God made for good has been corrupted and caused man to follow that which is counterfeit. There are details concerning the ice age, pyramids, ancient art as well as axioms that are listed to prove the writer's view of the material which has been written.
I found this to be a very insightful book and certainly deserves to be used in Christian schools and in libraries everywhere. I feel if someone is looking for more detailed answers of how man evolved and came to be at the point we are today, this would be a great resource to use to help one determine their own beliefs.
Author:  Don Landis
This book was provided by: Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group for my honest review.
5 of 5 stars

The True Account of Adam & Eve

Product Details
"The True Account of Adam & Eve" is a beautifully written book by author Ken Ham. Ken describes The beginnning of creation and how man was formed from the dust of the ground. He includes Adam naming the animals and Eve being created from one of Adams ribs. He discusses the world as it was before sin and the results that have occured following the sin in the Garden. There is a beautiful account of how one can come to know Christ as He became the sin offering for mankind. Then there is the call for those who are followers of Christ to witness to others and call them to experience this great plan of salvation.
Also included is how man has grown in size (population wise) from the beginning and details the number of years of man. There are scriptures given to back what the author is saying, allowing the reader to come to their own conclusion yet giving a solid Biblical answer.
This book will certainly not disappoint a reader who desires to learn more about Adam & Eve as well as the sin of mankind and the redemptive plan of Christ. The artwork included within the book is fantastic, as it really brings the words to life and makes the book truly a beautiful piece.
I would quickly recommend this book to children, parents, Christian schools, libaries and anyone interested in learning more about the beginning father and mother of mankind.
Author's Website:
This book was provided by: Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group for my honest review.
5 of 5 stars

Stretching A Dollar To Save And Make Thousands

Stretching A Dollar To Save And Make Thousands: An Entrepreneur's Guide To Doing More With Less
Lisa Sims gives practical advice filled with wisdom and helpful resources in her book, "Stretching A Dollar To Save And Make Thousands." This book is chocked full of helpful tips and advice on how someone who is starting a small business can save thousands of dollars a year following these nuggets of wisdom. 
Lisa helps the reader understand that spending more money isn't always even getting the best products and why spend money when you can get it for free or heavly discounted? Not only are there suggestions of how to do this but there are web-sites and resources included to help u know excactly where to go to begin saving your hard earned dollars. There are tips on how to save money on technology, setting up a office, becoming paper free, managing finances, tax savings, marketing and promotion and so much more.
The last chapter of the book; "Hidden Treasure Savings" is a wonderful way to close this remarkable book. Listed here are ways to not only save money but to help one's own personal and spiritual self. If you are looking for a book that isn't textbook sounding, yet down to earth, practical and helpful then you have come to the right place. Lisa brings a great need that everyone faces down to everyday language where anyone who follows her advice can be saving money today.
I look forward to additional resources that Lisa will be producing as her knowledge and wisdom makes perfect sense to me.
5 of 5 stars
Book was provided by Review The Book for my honest review.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Dog Story

The Dog Story: A Journey into a New Life with Multiple Sclerosis

Matt Cavalo in his book, "The Dog Story" does a wonderful job of helping the reader understand the difficulties that Multiple Sclerosis can bring into the life of an individual as well as their family.  Matthew wakes up one morning to feel the lower half of his body numb, like needles pricking him.  From the waist down, he has little to no control over what he wants to do.  Getting out of bed, even trying to take a step seemed almost impossible.  His wife Jocelyn was very concerned about him, but he brushed it off as something temporary and nothing to worry about. As days pass, he is admitted into the hospital and various tests are run to determine that he indeed will be diagnosed with MS. 
Matthew is given four options to consider for treatment.  He is certainly hoping that something will work and he will be able to function like he did earlier in his life. On his birthday his darling wife gave him a puppy, something that he longed for. While the puppy was still too young to be weaned from his mother, they had to wait a bit before getting him. When they went to pick the puppy up there was one little boy pup that kept playing at Matthew's feet. He then realized that this little pup would love him regardless if he had MS or not. This pup would love him unconditionally. This was Matthew's pick and takes this little one home and promises his wife that he would walk Teddy twice a day no matter how bad he felt. Teddy was such an encouragement and help for Matthew that he went on to get a degree, have two children and realized that MS stood for My Strength and it wasn't going to control him, rather he would control it. 
This is a very enjoyable and heartwarming book that will enable the reader to look inside themselves to see if we are allowing anything to keep us from becoming the best person we can be. Matthew didn't allow a circumstance within his life to sidetrack him and neither should we.
For anyone who has MS or knows someone who does, this would be a very good read to better understand in a non medical way how someone can cope not only with the onset of the disease, but how to handle it and move forward.

Forgotten Road

Cole Michael was one of the leading influences in the music industry until his life seemed to fall apart.  Upon the death of both his son and wife he gave into heavy drinking and made the horrible mistake of getting behind a wheel of an automobile resulting in the death of a precious lady and her daughter.  This event sent Cole to prison for eleven years, while there he encountered prison Chaplain Duke Parker.  There chaplain Parker listened to him answering his haughting questions about all that had happened within his life.  When Cole arrived at the end of himself, he gave his heart to Jesus Christ and became a new person.  In prison he learned and grew in his relationship with Christ and when he got out he had a choice of allowing success and fame control his life or the one who had saved him within the prison walls.  He chose Christ and followed his path for his life.
A twist to the story involves a son he never met named Jesse.  While the reader is taken down the tormented road that Jesse faced the question that is raised within one's mind is will there be a great reunion between father and son?  Pastor Jason also shares a wonderful story this own life and how ministry has impacted his life, some in not so positive ways.
The reader is left turning page after page wanting more.  Learning more about Cole's adventure and how he reaches out to others in need is a heartwarming experience.  Without revealing the event, the reader will be happy with the way the book ends and how Cole's life seems to evolve into the person Christ calls him to become.
Bestselling author Randall Arthur gives readers everywhere a book that is terribly hard to put down.  From the beginning of page one till the conclusion, it is filled with page after page of action, adventure, soul searching, honestly, hurt, etc...  This is a book that will impact anyone who desires to read with an open heart and mind.  I have been overwhelmed with the journey and definitely a book that I would recommend without any question or hesitation.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Welcome To The Brier Patch

Welcome To The Brier Patch

Reading along page after page the reader is taken along a journey of a
young aspiring police officer who sees wonders beyond words day in and
day out.  He finds the most disrespectful people and then some of the
kindest people anyone could ever hope to meet.  While taking an oath
to protect and serve the people, a police officer must always be aware
of their own safety while out on the streets.  This is a very
dangerous job and one that for many are left without respect, honor
and money.  After time many of the police officers become hard and
indifferent to what happens around them because they have experienced
so many difficult moments while being on duty.
Darrell McMann is an officer who tries to do what is right day in and
day out while helping his neighborhood become a better place to live
and raise children.  Some days Darrell feels like he's taken two steps
back for every one step he might have moved forward.  Each day is
filled with violence, crime and mountains of reports.  While the
paperwork never seems to end, it is important to get all the facts
straight as a case in court with one glitch can cause the case to be
dismissed and the criminal be released back to the streets to continue
their evil misconduct.
While as a police officer, Darrell finds a beautiful lady to date.
Soon he and Kim are married and they begin their life together in this
high profile type of environment.  A couple years following their
marriage they welcomed a baby daughter into the world named Elizabeth.
If you like a book filled with action, crime and adventure then this
book will be sure to please.  I found it to be thrilling with police
chases, murders, crime and love in the air.  Author David McMann did a
fine job of entertaining and rewarding me with a great read.  I
enjoyed following the life of Officer Darrell McMann as he did his job
in very unsafe situations.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Practicing the Presence of Jesus

This is a very practical book that many believers could find very helpful in their journey of faith.  Author Wally Armstrong tells how he spent most of his Christian life trying to always achieve or become the person that he felt God and/or others would want him to become.  While he practiced and worked tirelessly on his golf game, constantly improving his abilities there, he didn't understand that a relationship with Jesus must be something that was to be developed on a personal level, not just a set of rules and regulations that he must follow.
One day things took a change for the better when he saw Jesus on the golf course.  Now you will have to read the book to better understand this, but one nugget of insight is that Wally began to see Jesus as a close personal friend rather than someone who was far away.  When this light begin to dawn within Wally's life, his relationship with Jesus became something that was real and vibrant.  He desired to read, journal and pray early in the mornings, not because he had to, rather because he desired to talk to his new best friend.
How many believers get caught up in the doing (of the rules they feel self imposed upon them) rather than the being (following the leadership of Jesus in a personal way)?  It has happened far too long that people call themselves Christians yet really don't understand who Jesus even is.  Wally was challenged to understand who Jesus was and who He desired to be within Wally's life.  When a believer can better understand those issues then Jesus is more than a person, He can become a true friend.
Wally learned that he couldn't change himself, rather he must allow Jesus to change him to become the person he was intended to be.  He learned to practice the presence of Jesus no matter where he was.  If he was driving, playing golf, having devotions, etc... he could talk to Jesus and allow Him to become a real presence within his life.
This is a small put powerful book that will challenge every believer to not just talk the talk but rather walk the walk.


Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions

Bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst does it again with Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions, a wonderful book that will help the reader realize that the choices they make help to determine what outcomes they will face. Lysa shares how emotions aren’t bad, but emotions that are out of control can cause damage to oneself as well as to others around them. She shares four categories of unglued reactions and how they impact one’s life. Later in the book she discusses those who stuff things inside of themselves and those who explode upon anyone and everyone around them.
This is a much needed book for anyone who finds themselves in a pressure cooker and needs help to deal with life’s circumstances. Offered within this book are time sensitive ways to deal with the pressure before the pressure controls the person. Lysa writes in a very relational and real way and allows the reader to discover that she lives what she is writes about. Rather than sitting behind a keyboard coming up with the next bestseller, this book comes from her experiences in life and how she has learned to handle the circumstances that she is faced with on a daily basis.
Remember no matter whom we are, we aren’t all bad and everything around us isn’t as horrible as sometimes it seems. Lysa helps the reader to dig deep within themselves and lean upon God for better clarity of how to allow their thoughts, actions and deeds become those which Christ desires for us to display. This isn’t a fix all book, rather a real, down to earth approach to how everyone from corporate America to the rural farms of Kentucky can learn to become wise in the choices they make in the midst of unglued situations.

Review copy was provided free of any obligation by Zondervan. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Made in HEAVEN

Made in Heaven

Authors Ray Comfort and Jeffrey Seto does a wonderful job in their book, "Made in HEAVEN" of helping the reader better understand God's amazing design and how man is trying to use those designs to make a better world. This book gives examples of how researches and inventors have used God's natural creation to make something man-made to better the planet. For example, the strength of a spider’s web is 253,816 PSI which is almost 100,000 times stronger than stainless steel. By trying to duplicate the structure of the spider's web, researchers are looking to create stronger products for man.
This would be a great school textbook. I found it very educational, insightful and meaningful. I really liked the detailed information provided, not only in text but charts, examples and pictures. The pictures included are very colorful, clear and eye catching which helps the reader to visually see what the text is saying. I would recommend this book for a classroom and definitely every school library. I feel this gives the reader a good view of creation by placing God as the creator rather than just some form of existence. 
While this could be viewed as a scientific book, I really enjoyed how the authors ended the book with a reflection upon how a person can come to know the creator of the universe. This gives the reader the opportunity to allow God entrance into their heart and making this journey real and life changing. There is also the opportunity to download a free book of Ray Comfort's book, "The Defender's Guide For Life's Toughest Question" on how to have answers when faced with an atheist. This is a very nice gift offered the reader.
Author websites: 
This book was provided by: Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group for my honest review.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Problem is YOU: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Conquer Self-Defeating Behavior

The Problem is YOU: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Conquer Self-Defeating Behavior

Author John Burke engages the reader from the very beginning in his book; "The Problem is YOU:  How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Conquer Self Defeating Behavior." He deals with self defeating behavior and how it is an enemy of destruction and one we must get a hold of to become a better, stronger person.  He also list characteristics associated with this behavior and what one can do to overcome those. There is also a section on how incorrect beliefs, thoughts and habits make a impact within one’s life and how to better use good thoughts and habits to be an over comer.  Once one discovers what the bad habits are they must change them and John Burke helps the reader to get a handle on how to do this. 
I truly enjoyed this book, while realizing that I'm not along with some of my beliefs and thoughts I quickly realized that I can improve to become a better person and it's not without my reach or impossible.  I enjoyed the details that the author gives rather than just general overviews.  This seems to be a very practical way that I can use the material in the most meaningful way.
5 of 5 stars

A Positive YOU: Change Your Life with the Power of Positive Thinking

A Positive You: Change Your Life with the Power of Positive Thinking

"A Positive You:  Change Your Life with the Power of Positive Thinking" by Elizabeth O'Brien is a wonderful self-help, motivational book. She helps the reader understand that everyone has issues within their lives but how they look at them is vitally important.  When one displays a positive manner toward negative situations they don't appear as bad as they might once do. She urges the reader to not waste time, rather to jump in and begin the change toward positive thinking right now. There is a quiz on; "How Much of a Positive Thinker Are You?" that I found very beneficial. This gives the reader a great place to start and bring improvements within their life. There are steps to take that helps the reader break this material down into bite size pieces.
I felt this to be a very informational book and one that lifted my spirits.  I enjoyed the practical way of how the author helped me to see ways at looking at the positive even when it appears cloudy or stormy. While she emphasizes that it's not a quick fix that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit, there are practical steps to arrive to that destination.
5 of 5 stars

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Healthy Weight It's A Family Affair

Healthy Weight: It's a Family Affair

"Healthy Weight It's A Family Affair" is a very well written and informational book by author Cindy Saleeby Goulding.  She shares wonderful insights into why diets don't work, how important good quality sleep is, being positive, having quiet times to reflect as well as a host of other wonderful helps.  Each chapter is very short thus allowing the reader to stop and start as they wish, yet each one building on the other.  There is the importance of family support and how weight issues are a part of everyone's life within the family.  Supporting each other with the issues they may be facing is vitally important for the individual who has the issue to overcome it and ways to help are included within this book.
While the material is fantastic there are also explanations of exercising as well as pictures and exercises that everyone could do to help tone up.  There is a journal for food as well as exercise for the reader to use to make this issue one they can overcome in bite size pieces.  At the end of the book are healthy tips that helps the reader soak up what they have just read and a good way to go back and job their memory of some of the major issues found within the book.
This book was provided by the author for my honest review.
5 of 5 stars

199 Internet-Based Businesses You Can Start With Less Than One Thousand Dollars

199 Internet-based Business You Can Start with Less Than One Thousand Dollars: Secrets, Techniques, and Strategies Ordinary People Use Every Day to Make Millions

"199 Internet-Based Businesses You Can Start With Less Than One Thousand Dollars" is a very insightful and hands on type of book. Author Sharon L. Cohen gives the reader many helpful insights into how one can begin a business, what to look for and expect concerning the positive as well as the negative aspects.  She deals with running a business online, how to set up a home office, advertising, creating an effective web-site and so much more.  Then after helping the reader learn what must be done to get a business up and running she devotes the rest of the book to many different types of businesses that can be started within this one thousand dollar amount.
She gives information on businesses such as:  Advertising, Animals, Clothing, Collectibles, Food, Health Care, Writing and so much more.  Each of these areas, as well as others, is expanded upon giving the reader a better understanding of what might work in their local area.  She certainly helps the reader see the importance of finding their own niche and not trying to just copy someone's work.  There are personal stories included throughout the book of those who have started their own business to provide inspiration and support.
There is a very helpful business plan included at the end of the book as well as a table of contents to help the reader jump around should they be looking for a particular area of interest.  I found this to be a very insightful book and one that anyone who is considering starting a new business should read.
This book was provided by Review The Book for my honest review.
5 of 5 stars

Three Angels: For the Love of Dogs...

Three Angels: For The Love Of Dogs: Tributes To Three Amazing Pups
Author Ben Kerschberg in his book entitled, "Three Angels" tells of his love for three amazing dogs that impacted his life. He discusses each of the dog’s life and how they impacted him providing each dog its own section within the book.
First there was Phoebe. Phoebe was a German Shepherd and picked out as the runt of the liter when Ben was just a boy.  Phoebe soon grew up and weighted in at 115 lbs. Phoebe and Ben were such good friends and even when Ben was away at law school, he joyfully came home to be with his wonderful friend Phoebe.  After suffering it was time for Phoebe to be released of this life making way for the second dog in Ben's life.
Secondly there was Promise a Doberman and thirdly Steady a Lab, Golden Retriever and Hound mix. These two got along beautifully adding joy to Ben's life as he enjoyed their presence. One morning while getting ready for work, the phone rang and informed Ben that Promise had passed away with heart complications. Steady was unique as he knew what not to chew on and damage and only chewed on his toys.  He loved to play in the water and even with a small kitten.
This is a very interesting and fun book that explores how three different dogs with their own personalities made such an impact into the life of author Ben Kerschberg.
5 of 5 stars

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Author Susan Winget provides a beautiful gift book for Christmas entitled; "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year."  Found within this book are Christmas songs, poems, stories, quotes and things to share with family and friends.  The artwork is beautiful and creates wonderful scenes of the Christmas season including; red birds, poinsettias, snow, bells, etc...  
This is a very nice book with a Merry Christmas greeting, from and date page in the front of the book.  It would make a wonderful Christmas gift for the lover of books as well as something nice to share in family readings.  I enjoyed this book very much and appreciated the opportunity from Harvest House Publishers to review this book for my honest review.
5 of 5 stars

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Death Goes Postal

Death Goes Postal
Rosemary and Larry Mild do an amazing job of writing in their book, "Death Goes Postal." This is a very entertaining and moving book from the beginning till the end. The villain Emil Kravitz is a strong believable character throughout the material.  Eighty-eight-year-old Professor Abner Fraume is a noted researcher and a wealth of information concerning the early Herr Koenig's matrix molds. Professor Fraume's sister, Edythe, lives in American with her husband. They are both very sick and own a bookstore of which she wants to sell to the couple of her choosing. Dan and Rivka Sherman soon purchase the bookstore and get involved in a mystery of sorts that could even cost them Rivka's life.  
Liz a bookstore worker and friend of Edythe, soon learns important information concerning letter that Professor Fraume sent to his sister and she has the clue to where they are at. At a book gathering Liz shares more than she should of this information and the fun begins. There is a break in into the store, the kidnapping of Rivka and the FBI involved in hunting the molds before Emil Kravitz can escape with it.
I found this book to be very enjoyable and fun reading.  I especially enjoyed Sir Lord Byron the bookstore cat. He is a part of the store and try’s to offer protection when an intruder comes snooping around. Dan and Rivka offer a very keen insight into taking a clue and figuring out its solution. I enjoyed learning from them as well as watching how Rivka communicated with her kidnapper remaining calm and even helpful at times. I look forward to reading more books by this husband wife duo and the next journey they will take me on.

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

Author James R. Anderson does a wonderful job of answering the question; "What Must I Do To Be SAVED".  He uses scriptures throughout the New Testament from Matthew to Revelation to answer this question.  He gives very detailed answers to this question without leaving a stone unturned.  "What Must I Do To Be SAVED - A Devotional" can be used as a daily read or one where the reader does a more detailed study into this question.  This would be a good textbook in a Bible College or Seminary to help the student use scripture to interrupt this question rather than outside influences.  Many times we are taught to just express the thoughts and views of a particular church rather than allowing scripture to reveal it's own truth.
James uses the scriptures to answer this question rather than just his own personal thoughts, church history or other resources.  There has to be a portion of self interoperation of the scriptures of course by the author, but at least the primus of the book is to use scripture as a way to answer the question without a lot of other outside resources.
I enjoyed reading this book and found it very insightful and helpful.  Where scriptures seem to contradict themselves on face value, the author gives a much deeper look into the original meaning and reasoning of the use of certain words or phrases during the time it was written.  This would be a very beneficial book for anyone who is questioning if they would like to give their life to Jesus Christ and if they do so what will happen as a result of doing so.
Based on the purpose of the book of helping the reader to better understand that coming to salvation isn't as complex and complicated as others would seem to make it, rather it is really quite simple.  This book breaks down the scriptures that allow the reader to understand in great detail what happens not only during the point of salvation, but after that initial point of conversation as well.  This is a very rewarding and helpful book.
5 of 5 stars

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Jesus Tour

The Jesus Tour

This is a very well written book that allows one to see within the life of Christ and events surrounding Him in a unique and interesting way.  Pastor Kate and a group from her congregation are invited to attend "a thrilling way to experience the life of Christ" so they accept the offer and eagerly set off for this adventure.
While there they experience many questionable yet insightful things that are revealed to them by a guide in ways they really can't explain.  They climb aboard a trailer and see things that amaze them, yet cause them to have many questions.  Yet after each scene, the guide asks if they would like to see more.  Each time they say yes and the story leads them through the resurrection of Christ.  When they exit the trailer to begin their meeting, they turn around and the trailer is gone.  They are left to answer what has impacted them the most in this unusual display they have just encountered.  While sharing their experiences with each other they realize their eyes were open not only to see better within themselves, but to better love and relate to each other.  
This is a book that very entertaining, yet a beautiful learning experience.  I would recommend to anyone who wants to be challenged and grow in their faith to read and enjoy.
This book was provided by the author for my honest review.
5 of 5 stars

Christ In Me, Muslims Around Me: What to do?

Christ In Me, Muslims Around Me: What to do?

This book is written by a person who is a believer in Jesus Christ, yet is trying to relate, understand and draw near to those of the Muslim faith.  This is a very well written book, one that will increase one's faith as a believer in Christ and allow a variety of insights into others beliefs and viewpoints of their religion.  While giving a great overview of the Islam belief there is also the beginning dealing with Abraham and other leaders of faith.  Author Patricia Bridewell gives a very detailed view of the development of Islam, what has happened over the course of time within that faith and the contemporary view today.  She gives a detailed view of Christianity as well allowing one to see where one might fall into the belief of this faith.
She then deals with the question of what one must do after having the facts.  She deals with such issues as:  accept/join, hate/reject, ignore, convert and witness.  These are great points to consider as one looks at both religions.  This is a very well written book that not only provides information, but great facts of history to support each theory or belief.
I personally liked the end of the book which included; various notes, references and appendixes.  This is without question a very vital part of the book and worth a tremendous amount of benefit to the reader.  This portion of the book gives the reader many outside resources to research as well.  I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend to anyone who is looking to learn more about Christianity and Muslims.
This book was provided by Readers Favorite for my honest review.

Make Your Shift

Make Your SHIFT:: The Five Most Powerful  Moves You Can Make to Get Where YOU Want to Go

This is a book for the individual, group, company, etc…who is trying to become better in that which they are involved in.  Saving time, moving forward in greater unity as well as overcoming obstacles are just a portion of what the reader can learn from this well written book.  The book is written in two parts that can stand alone on their own.  The first part deals with a step-by-step process on how to implement the S.H.I.F.T. Model in a more structured manner.  The second part is less structured while still learning how to make this process of shifting effective within one's life.
There are great page breaks with motivational quotes as well as fantastic charts for the reader to use in helping to make their own shift.  This is more than just a book filled with words, rather a book with a leader allowing the reader to follow its outline.  While the reader must do their own part in making this work, author Beverly D. Flaxington has given the reader the ability to do so with all the tools provided within this book.
This book helps to break down what might otherwise be an overwhelming task so the reader can truly take action and make their life more productive and enjoyable.  I truly enjoyed this book and found it to be very helpful and insightful.  If you are looking for a way to improve your life, family, job, etc...then you owe it to yourself to read this book and use the charts provided to make the shift.
This book was provided by Readers Favorite for my honest review.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sir Princess Petra

Sir Princess Petra by Diane Mae Robinson

This is a very interesting and spell binding book concerning the young princess Petra.  She goes before the king and queen, who happen to be her parents and asks a very strange request for her birthday.  She asked to become a royal knight as this was the desire of her heart and according to the decree, she could have whatever she wished for on her birthday.  Her father and mother were shaken at the request but upon asking the councilman what was stated in the rule book, they found that indeed a girl could become a knight as there wasn't any rule written against it.  However, the sly king said, for Petra to become a knight within his kingdom she must perform one of three acts of bravery from his royal list.  These included:  "To capture a crocodile and make his skin into a royal leather chair; to hush that howling, nasty dragon, Snarls, in the Forest of Doom; or to eat a roomful of raw onions.”  When given these three choices she quickly eliminated two of them.  The first one she couldn't do as the crocodile was her friend and she couldn't do the third one as she couldn't stand the thought of eating all of those onions so she chose the second option.
Soon Petra visits the howling dragon and finds that he is captured by a landslide of rock.  She helps to remove his tail from this awful weight and now he is set free.  She soon invites him to her birthday party as well as becomes one of her great friends.
I enjoyed the story and artwork within this book.
This book was provided by Readers Favorite for my honest review.
5 of 5 stars