Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Man In The Box

The Man in the Box

"The Man in the Box" by author Andrew Toy is a very fun, interesting book that will allow you to escape into another world. While Robbie is moving forward in the corporate world, he along with others are let go and now he must find a new beginning. His new beginning involves a simple cardboard box that leads him into another world of adventure. Soon the reader will see the hardships of Robbie as he is transported back and forth from this world to another by way of this cardboard box, spending countless hours inside. His family questions what is going on with him and why he is acting so weird, he can't tell them because he's not sure he isn't just dreaming everything, but then again how can he be when the signs everywhere around him point to it being so real.
Robbie and his family learn many interesting things through this journey. Robbie came to better understand the importance of spending time with family and leaning upon them. While his relationship with his dad wasn't strong, his wife continually tried to stand in the gap and keep the family strong and running. There was great insight offered by his wife on many occasions, some of which we can take away and implant within our own lives.
This is a fun book that one can just sit back and enjoy while going on the adventure with Robbie. However I will say the last portion of the book (which I will not reveal because it would be a spoiler) is absolutely awesome. There came a twist that I never thought about that was beautifully written. The ending of the book is what truly makes it a wonderful read. There were times I got weary with the journey in the box as I wanted it to end sooner, but after the ending, I appreciated it more.
4 of 5 stars.

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