Thursday, November 29, 2012

Never Change What Is Natural

Author Prague Raja does a wonderful job in the book, "Never Change What Is Natural." The reader is allowed into the lives of both a very rich man who has everything he could ever dream of and a man who is not well off and working just to make ends meet. When Sir Louis describes his desire to have a different set of eyes, a set that only five people living could possibility possess, some thought he was crazy. With a doctor, lawyer and private detective Sir Louis starts on his quest to find those perfect eyes. One day he sees just that man and asks him to his mansion the next day to meet with him. At that meeting he offers Sham a large amount of money to have a surgery that would remove his eyes and be replaced with Sir Louis's eyes. 
While this is a very strange request Sham agrees to the operation and soon the surgery takes place, but then things begin to get a little weird for both Sir Louis as well as Sham. It's amazing how we see things from a different persons view. You will not want to miss what transpires and how this change affects both gentlemen. 
On one hand you will see someone who has great wealth who wants even more in a new set of eyes and you will see a man without means who has a heart of gold willing to help his fellow man. This is a very interesting read and one that I quickly shared with another. It helped me to see how different people with different backgrounds respond to a situation and how we in life react very similar. 

5 of 5 stars

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