Thursday, November 8, 2012

Stretching A Dollar To Save And Make Thousands

Stretching A Dollar To Save And Make Thousands: An Entrepreneur's Guide To Doing More With Less
Lisa Sims gives practical advice filled with wisdom and helpful resources in her book, "Stretching A Dollar To Save And Make Thousands." This book is chocked full of helpful tips and advice on how someone who is starting a small business can save thousands of dollars a year following these nuggets of wisdom. 
Lisa helps the reader understand that spending more money isn't always even getting the best products and why spend money when you can get it for free or heavly discounted? Not only are there suggestions of how to do this but there are web-sites and resources included to help u know excactly where to go to begin saving your hard earned dollars. There are tips on how to save money on technology, setting up a office, becoming paper free, managing finances, tax savings, marketing and promotion and so much more.
The last chapter of the book; "Hidden Treasure Savings" is a wonderful way to close this remarkable book. Listed here are ways to not only save money but to help one's own personal and spiritual self. If you are looking for a book that isn't textbook sounding, yet down to earth, practical and helpful then you have come to the right place. Lisa brings a great need that everyone faces down to everyday language where anyone who follows her advice can be saving money today.
I look forward to additional resources that Lisa will be producing as her knowledge and wisdom makes perfect sense to me.
5 of 5 stars
Book was provided by Review The Book for my honest review.

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