Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Floats the Dark Shadows

Floats The Dark Shadow
A winged cross, graveyards, occult practice, tarot cards, innards laying outside a dead body, brazen sexual acts, orgies, virgin blood for sacrifice, degrading of women, harmful practices that would affect one's life. These are just a small portion of things the reader will discover while reading Yves Fey's book: "Floats the Dark Shadow.”
Inspector Michel Devaux has spent much time dealing with crime and satanic activity. The killing of innocent people puts him on the path to find a killer that has gone rampant. This book also displays artist Theodora Faraday in a very interesting way. She has come to Paris by way of America and now here in this historic town she is continuing about her artistic ways.
There is a great amount of history and detail given in this late 1800's book moving the reader back in time. The detail of location, art, the occult is thoroughly studied out and not written just whimsically. The reader will be traveling alone wondering how things can work out in any form possible. There is so much trouble, death, satanic worship that the church and good seems to have no way to prevail. However, as you read the story you will be drawn to the encouragement of the writer as she leads the reader down this path. 
While this isn't a book that I terribly enjoyed I would say for this type of book, it was thoroughly researched and written in a very well manner. Just to say because it's not my type of book doesn't mean that someone who enjoys a darker type of written material wouldn't enjoy it from beginning to end.
3 of 5 stars

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