Sunday, November 11, 2012

Writers on the Edge

Writers On The Edge: 22 Writers Speak About Addiction and Dependency

"Writers on the Edge" is a book compiled by stories of 22 different writers and their stories of various addictions and struggles they have encountered within their life. While the purpose of the book is very good, I didn't feel most of the stories were well written. There were a few stories that really were gripping and very helpful as I was allowed into their life to see their story. In these few instances it was as though I felt the pain they felt and was drawn to reach out and try to help them overcome the problems they were facing.
With that being said, I do feel for anyone facing depression, battling alcohol, drugs, pornography, sexual addiction, suicide, etc... This would be a very good book to help you understand that you alone and that you can find strength and courage from the pages of this book. This would be a good resource to use in counseling and addict groups. Many of the stories were very insightful just not written in a way that I found the most helpful. I do appreciate what the editors have tried to accomplish in putting this book together and hope that people from all walks of life receive help from its material.
I received this book from Review the Book for my honest evaluation.
2 of 5 stars

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