Monday, November 26, 2012

Ella the Pink Elephant Her Life, Love and Fame

Ella the Pink Elephant: Her Life, Love and Fame

"Ella the Pink Elephant Her Life, Love and Fame" is a very delightful and entertaining children's book.  Author Doris Rueger takes the reader along the journey of a newborn elephant named Ella till her retirement. The zoo really cared about their animals and brought in Zeppo the Clown to take care of Ella this newborn elephant. 
Zeppo soon became Ella's favorite playmate and he told her stories and pictures of clowns that he had worked with. Soon Zeppo started dressing up Ella in various outfits. He soon decided on purchasing everything in pink and making her his pink princess Ella.  She loved being with the children when they came to the zoo and later decided to help out with weddings.  Her new caretaker would be Anna who she came to love and adore. Anna's tender love and care soon splashed all over Ella and they created a beautiful bonding relationship. 
After years of helping with weddings Ella was growing weary and asked Anna to take her back to the zoo where she could rest in peace. It was then that she looked into a mirror and saw her gray wrinkled skin. She wondered who would love her now. Zeppo had grown older as well but continued to visit Ella reminding her that age doesn't separate friends, they would always have each other. It was then that she began to accept herself and enjoy her days in the zoo without any pink just the memories of knowing how happy she had made so many people.
I think author Doris Rueger does a wonderful job of helping describe how not only an elephant can get caught up in appearances and attire but so can people. When this happens it is easy to lose focus of what is really important. I was reminded that what we do for others and who we are internally is what matters. This is a great but simple reminder that we must be happy with who we are and reach other to help and encourage others.  The artwork was very interesting as it looked to be drawn by crayons?
5 of 5 stars

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