Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From Seeker To Finder

From Seeker to Finder by George Kimeldorf

George Kimeldorf, Ph.D. engages the reader in helping to understand that finding happiness is certainly within each of our reach. In his book entitled: "From Seeker To Finder: Discovering Everyday Happiness" Dr. Kimeldorf, challenges the reader to explore their core beliefs to determine if they are living where they desire to and if they believe that is all they are able to experience from life. Then he gives practical ways that one can detox the brain to become a better more-rounded individual by finding happiness within our daily lives. Sometimes when one spends all their time seeking happiness, they never truly cross over to experience the true joy of living in the midst of happiness. We must be motivated to change where we are if we are going to become who we desire to be. Taking the challenge of becoming that person could be a life-changing moment as we turn from the what ifs and someday I will, to right now in the present making the adjustment and walking into that fulfilling promise.
Dr. Kimeldorf, challenges the reader, but gives practical advice on how to experience finding this true inner happiness. Many people it seems are always seeking but never finding. A person is called to go deeper and experience the beautify of happiness in the present moment of everyday life. If you are looking for an encouraging book that will help you achieve a deeper level of happiness then this is worth your time to read and invest in yourself.

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Summer Place:


"Summer Place: 101 Year History of Fishing & Wreck Diving" is a very interesting and insightful book. This is certainly a book that a fisherman or seaman would enjoy reading. Captain Donald Cramer, a third generation seaman, takes the reader along a journey of not only how fishing impacted his life, but the life of his family. The reader will feel like they are getting aboard the boat and embarking on the waters as Captain Cramer leads the passengers along a wonderful, fun-filled fishing experience. There are stories about wrecks, fishing, accidents, buying and selling boats, land and other adventurous events. This rich history of loving the water and how a family invested their life in helping others have fun and excitement is very rewarding to read about.
Captain Cramer has given the reader something fun and captivating to read. While going along some of the cruises, the reader will hear about hired hands, some good and others bad, as well as some of the people who boarded for a ride. Many wanted to party and get drunk, while others wanted the ride to be relaxing and peaceful. There are a wide variety of stories shared that the reader is bound to enjoy many of them. Some of the workers would only last a day, some less than that. If Captain Cramer found a strong and loyal mate he did well to support and take care of him so he would stay around to help. So get on board, grab your fishing pole and enjoy the read.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Maker's Diet Revolution - By Jordan Rubin

The Maker's Diet Revolution: The 10 Day Diet to Lose Weight and Detoxify Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Author Jordan Rubin in his best selling book:  "The Maker's Diet" has written another very timely book entitled: "The Maker's Diet Revolution" that explains upon his knowledge and lifestyle experience since his first publication. This book takes the reader further into eating the correct foods that God desires for us to eat as well as to not allow the things we eat to consume and control us. There is great detail given about detoxing and cleansing one's body. This step alone provides a great benefit to the body as the kidney's and live release harmful toxins. This is powerful information found within the book that would make a huge difference within a person's life.
Author Rubin shares how it benefits everyone to eat within six to eight hours of the day rather than from the time one gets up until they go to sleep. His theory is if you eat during six hours of the day then you still have two-thirds of the day that your body can detox. This book is loaded with valuable information on both foods to consume as well as those to avoid. There are healthy recipes located within the book that will enable the reader to focus on a healthy meal plan. Author Rubin writes a very timely book for our day where many people are unhealthy and need direction within our lives to improve our health.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

China Grove

"China Grove: Premier Issue - Fall Twenty-Thirteen" is a very interesting book filled with stories of fiction, non-fiction, interviews as well as poetry. This is a complied book of articles and short stories that helps the reader to see a broader view of various writing styles. The interview with author Ellen Gilchrist is very informational and informative. There are pictures throughout the book which helps the reader to visually see what the writer is referring to. The story by Ms. Gilchrist entitled: "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" is a very interesting story that many will enjoy. Various stories by southern writers telling their spin on their story as only they can through their imaginative mind allows the reader to be transformed back to those moments in history seeing what could have truly occurred. There are many writers of poetry included within the book once again allowing the reader to follow along through the mind and pen of various authors in this time frame.

While this book is different in nature it is in fact very interesting and written well. I commend R. Scott Anderson the Managing Editor for pulling together such interesting stories and authors to be displayed in one edition. It will be interesting to see other issues produced and how the stories are complied to once again engage the reader to a particular time frame and type of writing. Keep compiling stories that reach deep within our hearts and stir us back to our roots.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

100 Perks of Having Cancer plus 100 Health Tips For Surviving It!

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Authors Florence Strang and Susan Gonzalez did a masterful work of art when they put together their book entitled:  "100 Perks of Having Cancer plus 100 Health Tips For Surviving It!" While both of these ladies have experienced the toil that cancer takes upon one's body, they have learned how to look at the brighter side of the journey and a healthy way of prolonging the body from entertaining this dreaded disease. They take the reader on their journey as well as pointing out how one can learn from their experience and not allow cancer to control the person, rather encouraging the person to make necessary adjustments within their life to press past this deadly situation. These ladies offer great wisdom, loads of laughter as well as practical insight into how one can change their emotions, attitudes, out-look on life as well as what one should eat and foods to avoid to live a longer, productive life.
This was a very enjoyable book to read about a very serious and real life-threating issue. They have learned how to laugh and enjoy life even in the midst of hardship and difficulty. Authors Strang and Gonzalez not only share their stories, but they also give additional resource information, hundreds of websites to help one in their various area of concern as well as a well versed index to allow the reader to find a particular topic quickly. This is without question a book that needs to be in libraries, doctor's offices, endorsed by American Cancer Society and other local groups to help the people they invest in on a daily basis. The ending is indeed heartwarming and encouraging as they conclude by shouting they are survivors and are stronger now than ever before in their lives. This is a book that will entertain, give much needed advice and should be in the hands of every person who is facing cancer within their lives to provide them a great resource of support and hope for their journey.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Godward Heart by John Piper

"A Godward heart: Treasuring the God Who Loves You" written by author John Piper takes the the reader deep into the love of God and how He desires to relate to His children. There are fifty meditations that enables the reader to grow deeper in their faith and love for God. Author Piper, writer of the wonderful book; "Desiring God" allows the reader to be challenged as well as stretched by his meditations. He looks at such things as: Hearing from God personally, the loss and suffering found within the life of the believer, why God outwardly tells His children that He delights in them, why use Twitter, the problem with prosperity preachers and so much more. If this wets your appetite then you will be in for an enjoyable journey reading the rest of the book.
Author Piper is very relational and understanding. He doesn't talk down to the reader, yet he does challenge and draw one to think about their life and if they want to improve upon it. God didn't call us to sit and become comfortable and this book helps to move the believe out of the comfort zone to become stronger and more effective in their Christian walk. There are many scriptures given so the reader can conduct additional study if they desire. There are also many points given that could be used as a teaching lesson for a small group class. This would be a nice devotional book and/or gift book if you are looking to enhance a believers walk with God.
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The Duck Commander Family

The Duck Commander Family by Willie Robertson
"The Duck Commander Family: How Faith, Family and Ducks Built A Dynasty" is a very colorful, entertaining and rewarding book. Authors Willie and Korie Robertson along with Mark Schlabach allows the reader to see within the lives of the Robertson Family revealing both the good and the not so good moments of their lives. This journey takes you from the early days before the family made it big on A&E, with books and merchandise sporting their now famous beards. The reader is invited into their home to see how the first product was made and how they worked as a family to make the business what it is today. There are portions that allows the reader to see Phil and Kay as a young married couple and their examples of parenting. How they build a business in their living room and kitchen making it a definite hands on family operation. 
This book allows the reader to see the funny antics they pull on one another, while also hearing about Kay's wonderful cooking, however one can't forget Phil's meals and how focused he was on making each ingredient just right. There are pictures in the middle of the book that allows the reader to see a visual journey of The Robertson Family as they move into television stardom. Authors Willie and Korie join Phil to take this company to the next level moving it out of Phil and Kay's home so they can expand and grow the business. There are nuggets of wealth found within these pages if the reader will but open their mind and allow themselves to be stretched and grow. Their emphasis is upon God and family and for that I found it to be rewarding in our modern day culture.

A Path Through The Garden

A Path Through the Garden by Nancy LaPonzina

Nancy LaPonzina pens a wonderful story in her book entitled: "A Path Through The Garden." It is here that the reader will begin to see deep within the lives of several of the characters found within the book. Whether it's the land-owner Peg, or a couple, named Hal and Leyla Jo who decides they want a child. There was great research concerning flowers and plants that could boast the productivity glands within a ladies body. They found this wonderful plant while walking on their land one day while encountering their new neighbor. Peg is full of life and loves to live on her own taking care of her land, however one day the bills get larger than the income and she determines she must sell a portion of the land, the portion that has those wonderful plants growing on them. The reader is kept in suspense as to what will happen concerning this loving couple and if they will be able to come up with a product that will assist them in having a newborn within their lives.
Peg's son comes back to take care of her after she has a horrible accident. While there he begins to see the importance of family and taking care of what is planted right under one's nose. He determines to move back there and take care of the family land, the place where his roots were. Author LaPonzina allows the reader to get caught up in adventure, sadness, laughter and events that many could relate to as real life. This is a very interesting and rewarding book that the reader will be glad they read.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Kids Get The Power

Author Thomas Kochel writes a very detailed book entitled: "Kids Get The Power" where he unveils scriptures to help develop the life of the believer into a stronger more productive individual. Promotion and blessings come from the Lord which are directly linked to the words that come forth from the mouth of the believer. Hearing the voice of God and enacting upon it is paramount for the believer to be strengthen within their faith. "Scripture is God's voice in the logos (the written word) and the Rhema is God's voice spoken in you!" (pg. 20). This book enables the reader to not only learn about God's voice, but to actually hear it oneself.
Author Kochel desires to help each reader move past failure to a life of fulfillment found in Christ Jesus. As the reader reads and grows in God's Word so God becomes larger and more real to them. There is a call to repentance for the reader to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. There is a plea for every non-believer to avoid the pit of hell and all the hell they would experience while here on earth before being banished to hell forever. This book provides a genuine call to repentance and it is the authors desire to get this book into as many people's hands as possible. Many people could use this book as an outreach tool to reach deep within the heart of someone that needs to have a wake-up call concerning their soul and where they will spend eternity.

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"Find Your Passion: Simple Steps to Discover Who You Are, How To Choose a Career, and How to Find Your Purpose in Life!"

Find Your Passion by Van Ness, Derick
"Find Your Passion: Simple Steps to Discover Who You Are, How To Choose a Career, and How to Find Your Purpose in Life!" by author Derick Van Needs provides valuable insight into the discovery of who you are and how to use the gifts that one possesses to be effective within the Kingdom of God. The reader quickly learns that for one to have more, one must desire more; to become better, one must desire to be better. When one comes to this realization then they are ready for changes to occur for great improvement within their lives. Author Nees shares that the number one reason people don't achieve their goals is themselves. What a humbling thought to consider that we in fact are our worst enemy that keeps us held back from achieving the goals that would make us productive in society. However, rather than just pointing out what may be holding us back, he offers ways to correct the issues so we can become the person we were meant to be.
Author Nees shares key questions to help the reader unlock their passion, so their work can be accomplished as they determine what is of up most importance. The reader is encouraged to find a platform to share that passion and others will be challenged and blessed by your endeavor. When one reaches out with their passion they will attack others that are like-minded and will have a source to give into and help others with their needs. This book helps the reader, break down their vision into bit-size pieces so they will be able to achieve their goals and dreams.
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A Guide To God's Perplexing Path

A Guide to God's Perplexing Path by Tom Payne

Author Tom Payne takes the reader along three types of feasts in his book entitled: "A Guide To God's Perplexing Path." These feasts are: The Feast of Passover, The Feast of Pentecost and The Feast of Ingathering. The path that leads the believer into an encounter with God is the path they must pursue. While there are paths that lead to, Buddha, Islam, Jewish and other religions only those who's path leads to Jesus Christ will find true happiness.  Author Payne discusses where a path shouldn't lead a reader so they aren't led astray from the true will of God. There is the discussion of the cross and its importance within the life of the believer. There are sections within the book that reveal in detail concerning the lives of: D.L. Moody, John Bunyan, T.S. Eliot, F.B. Meyers and others.
Author Payne discusses the love and power of the cross and the purpose it displays within the life of the believer. There is a call to apply the lessons learned within this book for the reader to be a stronger more effective Christian. There are many examples given and detailed explanations of these various feasts. This is a very well written book that will enable the believer to grow deeper within their faith and establish their foundation solid and sure in Jesus Christ. Author Payne allows the reader to be challenged and take a deeper look within their own hearts to see if they have areas of improvement that they need to make. 

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The Complete "How To" Guide For Rookie Writers

Author Robin Murphy writes a very practical hands on, user-friendly book to enable a new writer the opportunity to learn how to get their newly created work produced and available to readers. While the rookie writer has many concerns and fears of publishing their first book, there are great details concerning: editing, rewrites, cover letters as well as self-publishing. "The Complete 'How To' Guide For Rookie Writers," provides excellent information including diagrams and snapshots of images for a clearer more practical way to enable the reader to visually see how to perform the process described. This book gives the new writer a definite jump-start and breaks the big picture down into bit size pieces which can be better understood and managed.
There are many web-sites included that provide additional information for the reader to get their material published as well as tools for product promotion. The reader will quickly learn it isn't enough to write the material, after the material is written there is another great adventure of promoting and getting the material out there for people to purchase. A book won't just land in a person's hand without some work, so this book helps the new author to learn how to better promote their book to make sure this happens. There are great details outlining additional social-medial sites to make the book more widely known. Author Robin Murphy also describes how to produce your own book trailer to draw a larger crowd toward your work. This is a very easy read with wonderful pictures to lead the reader into a greater understanding of what the author is trying to portray in print. If a reader wants to make quick work of getting their book ready for publication, this would be a very insightful, well organized and enjoyable book to read.

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Animals in Underwear, ABC

Animals in Underwear ABC by Todd Parr

Author Todd Parr writes a very entertaining and enjoyable children's book entitled:  "Animals in Underwear ABC." He takes each letter of the alphabet and places it with an animal that begins with that letter and shows them in their underwear. The pages are split where the reader has to open the page after turning to the next page to reveal even more letters and funny animals. Each lift of the page reveals a very cute animal and the next letter of the alphabet. This book builds interest and excitement with each turning page. There are lots of fun colors and interesting artwork on each page. The reader will enjoy a soft-bound cover, easy to hold, not heavy and kid friendly.
This book is perfect for young children who's parents are trying to expose them to their ABC's. Author Parr makes this a rewarding book to read that young readers will find themselves turning from page to page to find what interesting and unique animal is on the other side of the page. This is a fine book to give to parents as well as libraries to carry for their patrons so they could check out this unique educational tool for children. This book will help the child be entertained and enjoy the learning process rather than a dull, boring way of having to achieve something. This will be a wonderful tool to use for this unique learning process and with the colorful pictures one could even help their child learn colors as well.
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

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Author Laura J. Davis has penned a very eye-opening and soul-searching book concerning the Biblical account found in the Book of revelation. She discusses who the seven angels are and the correlation of a Bishop, Elder, Pastor and Overseer. She brings to light interesting views and concepts that are easily glossed over in typical religious circles.
     "He Who Has An Ear: Who the Seven Churches of Revelation are Today" is an excellent book displaying each church and how it relates to our current events. Author Davis pulls no punches as she faces unpleasant circumstances that are found within our church today and how relaxed and uncertain we seem to be. This book certainly causes the believer to examine their own life as well as to evaluate what is happening around them that appears to be holy and of God. Each church is broken down into an extensive view to better explore and understand what is happening within them. This would be fine material to use in a group study for a deeper exploration into the seven churches found in the Book of Revelation. There is a challenge to the reader to explore their own heart and search out which church they are most like. There is also a chapter that deals with the wolves and false prophets in our modern day causing the reader to think about both what and who they are listening to. This is a must read if you are concerned about becoming too compliance within your Christian faith as this book exposes various teachings prevalent today, causing the reader to look deep within themselves and examine their own heart. 

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

How To Publish Your Book

How to Publish Your Book by Justin Sachs

Motivational Press releases a new book entitled: "How To Publish Your Book" by Justin Sachs. This is a very practical well-written book that would help any writer become better in their craft as well as to understand what needs to be done to be a published author. This book puts things in a prospective that allows the reader to question themselves as to why they desire to produce a book? There is a discussion of various ways to produce a product including; a book, e-book, audio book, etc... Author Sachs also discusses the various differences of being an independent self-published author or getting the project to a publishing house. Listed within the book are practical steps that an author should take into consideration in order to avoid making major mistakes that would not only delay publication but in many cases even stop publication.
Are you someone who likes direction? If so this is the book for you. "How To Publish Your Book" is a straight-forward approach to resolving those unknown, uncertain issues. Knowing how to market the book is so important. What value is there if you have written a masterpiece, yet no-one knows it's in existence? There are also samples to follow and how an author can protect themselves from failure. When the masterpiece is written then the self-half of the work begins. Listen closely as author Sachs teaches the reader how to avoid pitfalls that are easy to fall into, rather walk in a wonderful experience of publishing your written material.
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Make Your Own Rainbow by Leonard Ryzman
Author Leonard Ryzman, in his book entitled; "Make Your Own rainbow" helps the reader better understand how they can rise above negative circumstances and truly enjoy life. Found within the book are plenty of positive examples that the reader can draw from and find encouragement for their personal journey. However,
this is more than a book filled with people's stories who have achieved their goals, it gives down to earth practical advice on how the reader can become fulfilled and experience their own personal joy of achievement.
There is a very find discussion of how a person's mind works either to move them forward toward their goal or rather in a negative fashion to draw them farther away from their goal.  In "Make Your Own Rainbow" the reader is encouraged to create their future by a positive, narrowly focused goal. If the goal is too broad in nature how would one know if they ever arrived at or achieved their goal? Author Ryzman helps the reader narrow their focus, so they are more defiant and direct with their purpose. Moving forward requires more than action it requires purpose. Many examples are given of people who never gave up, but rather chose to follow their dream and arrive at their chosen purpose. Regardless of what others say, or the amount of times you are rejected, keep pressing forward believing in yourself and your dream. This is a fine, well-written book filled with a wealth of information and encouragement.

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Cinnamon Diamonds

Cinnamon Diamonds

Author Mark Piper shares a very interesting story along a Sailor's Snug Harbor during the time of March 1916 in Quincy, Massachusetts. It is here that columnist John, who worked for the newspaper, was in search of Captain Hanson Crockett Gregory for a newspaper article. Upon finding Captain Gregory, John was eager for him to share his story, however before he would began his story, the captain, made sure that John  was served his famous doughnuts covered in cinnamon and sugar. It appeared as though everyone who ever tasted Captain Gregory's doughnuts were in awe of the taste and sweet savory smell. After serving John these wonderful tasting doughnuts, it was then he began to share his story of being up on the ship called, "Felix Lighter."
The adventures that author Piper shares with his readers are both enticing and entertaining. In this short story entitled; "Cinnamon Diamonds" the reader is taken upon a grand voyage where Captain Gregory made this wonderful discovery of these awesome, unbelievable tasting doughnuts. Captain Gregory is still remembered by a small weatherbeaten plaque that states this fine captain invented the first hole in the donut. While this may not appear to many to be a huge deal, ask the question; where would donut shops all across the world would be without this fantastic discovery? While indeed this is a short story, it is a very fun and enjoyable read. Author Piper takes the reader on a worthwhile journey that will allow the reader to almost smell and taste these delicious donuts.

Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers Favorite.
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Voice of Hope: 30 Days With Jesus

Authors Rita Pam Tapachi and Anneline Breetzke join their talents together to write a very heart-warming book. The reader will take a spiritual journey that will allow their faith to be strengthen and their Christian foundation to be made sure and solid. "Voice of Hope: 30 Days With Jesus" takes the reader on just that type of journey. While this is written as a 30 day devotional it could also be read straight through to take one along allowing the reader to take a glimpse inside the lives of these two ladies. Topics found within the book are: Forgiveness, Worship, Healer, repentance, Gratitude, Self-Centredness and many more.
"Voice of Hope" allows the authors Tarachi and Breetzke to take the reader along their journey allowing their stories to challenge them causing them to see the power of Almighty God. They give scriptural references to not only support a particular devotion for the day but it allows the reader to do further research and study should they desire. This is a short book filled with meat and truth of God's Word that makes an excellent 30 day devotional as well as a straight read through. This book provides hope for the reader that God loves them and desires to develop them into the person they were created to become. With just 1-3 pages per devotional it is a book that can be quickly read, but may take longer to digest its truth and nuggets of wisdom. Start today along the journey with Jesus.
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Biodesign: Out For A Walk

Biodesign Out for a Walk by Lowell Harrison Young

Author Lowell Harrison Young takes the reader along a wonderful journey that spans over 24 years of exciting adventures. There are more than 700 students and 400 chaperons that were privileged to travel on these 63 trips. "Biodesign: Out For A Walk" takes the reader though a balanced experiment involving both an advanced biology course and a spiritual component that causes the student and chaperonages to be exposed to many new and challenging situations, many of which they have never experienced before. The reader is quickly transported from the classroom to road trips filled with awe and adventure.
While this isn't a book intended for the reader to agree with or disagree with the teacher or their students, it is a book that will allow the reader to see science, nature and God though different lenses. This eye opening experience will share many of the trails adventures from sickness, to physical difficulties, to emotional obstacles being overcome and so much more. There is a teamwork that allows the reader to look deep within the lives of the students so see them develop into a more mature individual. The danger found from trip to trip seems to always surface whether through a storm, animals, rocks, climbing difficulties, etc... When the student goes on this journey with just the things in their backpack you will see how their character quickly develops. While some of the school board wanted to put a halt to these trips, somehow each year with raving reviews from the parents, chaperons and students they were able to continue to raise the funds necessary that allowed them to return year after year. The positive impact this teacher and the trips he planned may have been the most single enlightening event that student experienced during their educational time period.