Friday, January 10, 2014

Biodesign: Out For A Walk

Biodesign Out for a Walk by Lowell Harrison Young

Author Lowell Harrison Young takes the reader along a wonderful journey that spans over 24 years of exciting adventures. There are more than 700 students and 400 chaperons that were privileged to travel on these 63 trips. "Biodesign: Out For A Walk" takes the reader though a balanced experiment involving both an advanced biology course and a spiritual component that causes the student and chaperonages to be exposed to many new and challenging situations, many of which they have never experienced before. The reader is quickly transported from the classroom to road trips filled with awe and adventure.
While this isn't a book intended for the reader to agree with or disagree with the teacher or their students, it is a book that will allow the reader to see science, nature and God though different lenses. This eye opening experience will share many of the trails adventures from sickness, to physical difficulties, to emotional obstacles being overcome and so much more. There is a teamwork that allows the reader to look deep within the lives of the students so see them develop into a more mature individual. The danger found from trip to trip seems to always surface whether through a storm, animals, rocks, climbing difficulties, etc... When the student goes on this journey with just the things in their backpack you will see how their character quickly develops. While some of the school board wanted to put a halt to these trips, somehow each year with raving reviews from the parents, chaperons and students they were able to continue to raise the funds necessary that allowed them to return year after year. The positive impact this teacher and the trips he planned may have been the most single enlightening event that student experienced during their educational time period.

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