Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Make Your Own Rainbow by Leonard Ryzman
Author Leonard Ryzman, in his book entitled; "Make Your Own rainbow" helps the reader better understand how they can rise above negative circumstances and truly enjoy life. Found within the book are plenty of positive examples that the reader can draw from and find encouragement for their personal journey. However,
this is more than a book filled with people's stories who have achieved their goals, it gives down to earth practical advice on how the reader can become fulfilled and experience their own personal joy of achievement.
There is a very find discussion of how a person's mind works either to move them forward toward their goal or rather in a negative fashion to draw them farther away from their goal.  In "Make Your Own Rainbow" the reader is encouraged to create their future by a positive, narrowly focused goal. If the goal is too broad in nature how would one know if they ever arrived at or achieved their goal? Author Ryzman helps the reader narrow their focus, so they are more defiant and direct with their purpose. Moving forward requires more than action it requires purpose. Many examples are given of people who never gave up, but rather chose to follow their dream and arrive at their chosen purpose. Regardless of what others say, or the amount of times you are rejected, keep pressing forward believing in yourself and your dream. This is a fine, well-written book filled with a wealth of information and encouragement.

Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers Favorite

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