Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Duck Commander Family

The Duck Commander Family by Willie Robertson
"The Duck Commander Family: How Faith, Family and Ducks Built A Dynasty" is a very colorful, entertaining and rewarding book. Authors Willie and Korie Robertson along with Mark Schlabach allows the reader to see within the lives of the Robertson Family revealing both the good and the not so good moments of their lives. This journey takes you from the early days before the family made it big on A&E, with books and merchandise sporting their now famous beards. The reader is invited into their home to see how the first product was made and how they worked as a family to make the business what it is today. There are portions that allows the reader to see Phil and Kay as a young married couple and their examples of parenting. How they build a business in their living room and kitchen making it a definite hands on family operation. 
This book allows the reader to see the funny antics they pull on one another, while also hearing about Kay's wonderful cooking, however one can't forget Phil's meals and how focused he was on making each ingredient just right. There are pictures in the middle of the book that allows the reader to see a visual journey of The Robertson Family as they move into television stardom. Authors Willie and Korie join Phil to take this company to the next level moving it out of Phil and Kay's home so they can expand and grow the business. There are nuggets of wealth found within these pages if the reader will but open their mind and allow themselves to be stretched and grow. Their emphasis is upon God and family and for that I found it to be rewarding in our modern day culture.

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