Friday, January 10, 2014

Voice of Hope: 30 Days With Jesus

Authors Rita Pam Tapachi and Anneline Breetzke join their talents together to write a very heart-warming book. The reader will take a spiritual journey that will allow their faith to be strengthen and their Christian foundation to be made sure and solid. "Voice of Hope: 30 Days With Jesus" takes the reader on just that type of journey. While this is written as a 30 day devotional it could also be read straight through to take one along allowing the reader to take a glimpse inside the lives of these two ladies. Topics found within the book are: Forgiveness, Worship, Healer, repentance, Gratitude, Self-Centredness and many more.
"Voice of Hope" allows the authors Tarachi and Breetzke to take the reader along their journey allowing their stories to challenge them causing them to see the power of Almighty God. They give scriptural references to not only support a particular devotion for the day but it allows the reader to do further research and study should they desire. This is a short book filled with meat and truth of God's Word that makes an excellent 30 day devotional as well as a straight read through. This book provides hope for the reader that God loves them and desires to develop them into the person they were created to become. With just 1-3 pages per devotional it is a book that can be quickly read, but may take longer to digest its truth and nuggets of wisdom. Start today along the journey with Jesus.
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4 of 5 stars

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