Monday, December 31, 2012

Whole Weight

Whole Weigh

Author Charlotte Denny Henley in her book: "Whole Weight - How to Quit Dieting and Start Living a Healthy & Whole Life" writes very convincingly about how to change the way one views themselves and how they can become a healthier person. There is so much focus on dieting that most people give up quickly and many times put on more pounds than they lost while on the diet. There must not only be a change of how one eats but also their entire being, if they are to become a truly healthier individual.
Author Henley deals with the purpose of balance and how important that is within the life of every person. When one's life is out of balance there will never be a true change within. Many of the weight issues that people are dealing with are on the exterior while true issues are found deep within the individual. The way one thinks certainly makes a huge impact on how one lives. We should realize that as our mind takes us we seem to follow.
There is a wonderful checklist included within the book that deals with things the person must do on a daily basis if they are to change their lives into the productive individual they desire to become. There are included within the book sections dealing with: Things a person does right as well as what a person can be grateful for on a daily basis. There are also self-affirmations and a great list of resources available to help the reader go even deeper within their research of how to become a healthier individual. If you are looking for a quick weight loss program this may not be the book for you, however if you are looking for a book that deals with the true issues of how to become healthy and enjoy life, then I would certainly consider reading this book.

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When Cancer Strikes A Friend

When Cancer Strikes a Frien...

This is a very well written and insightful book written by Bonnie E. Draeger. In her book, "When Cancer Strikes a Friend" she helps the reader understand some of the things an individual that is experiencing the turmoil of cancer is going through. She also gives examples of how to best be their friend and offer true help that will make a real difference. She gives the reader clear direction of not making an open ended statement to the cancer patient, such as just let me know what you need and I'll be here. While that may sound good to the giver, it isn't a lot of help to the cancer patient. They would be better off knowing what specific times you can help as well as what specifically you are willing to do. Author Draeger also gives boundaries for the giver so they don't experience burnout. 
Another part of the book deals with "Ten Gifts of Friendship" and gives great details within each of these gifts. This allows the reader to better understand their real value and how they can contribute the most in this situation. There is a great need for the givers to be filled with hope and cheer providing a presence of peace to the cancer victim. However, even while being joyous it can't be done in a fake and unreal manner. 
The author gives the reader some very important sections within the book, such as: Questions and Answers with Experts, a glossary explaining many words that are used that may be unfamiliar to the general public and well as a section of resources that are available to help educate the one who desires to give and offer their services.
This is a very well written book and valuable resource for any friend, family member, church or group that desires to learn how to better help those who are experiencing the difficulties of cancer.

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Your Family Legacy

Your Family Legacy

What a wonderfully written book by, author Michael W. Palumbos. His book, "Your Family Legacy" gives the reader "32 ways to preserve your family's 'wealth' for generations. Author Palumbos helps describe that having money isn't as important as knowing how to make it, therefore if one should lose their wealth they still know the formula on how to rebuild their financial status. He indicates that money, values and knowledge are great assets to pass on to other generations.
Author Palumbos gives great wisdom and insight in how a family can help themselves as well as others. While there is a view of helping others, there is also the need of helping oneself first so that individual can in fact truly help others. The book is broke down into four basic areas: 1) Family Wealth, 2) Family Business, 3) Family Values and 4) Family Legacy. The author very well states how a business will not succeed if the focus is on the family’s needs rather than the needs of the business. There is also the importance of making sure the values of the family are passed down as far as the seventh generation.
I found this to be a very inspiring and rewarding book. If you are looking for ways to make yourself and your family better and stronger then this is a book you won't want to miss. There is also a great list of resources at the end of the book to provide the reader with additional material to make wise decisions for their future.
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Cafeteria Covenant

Cafeteria Covenant The Voic...

Author Dee Marvin Emeigh writes beautifully on how we are challenged within life to live above the standard of the world and follow the example of Jesus Christ. In "Cafeteria Covenant - The Voice, The Choice and the Challenge" the reader will see the struggles the author encountered by those who were within the church. There is the evidence that those within the church, at times, can be some of the most difficult people to deal with.
This is a book of encouragement and support for the believer. It allows the reader to see the bigger picture, even if they are encountering hurt and discouraging moments from those within the church. Author Emeigh went through times of a rough marriage that led to a divorce, yet having to deal with God's call upon her life and if she could move past this and fulfill that calling. Even when an individual works through their own struggles sometimes those in the church won't allow the person to move forward. They continually hold the past over them, causing them to feel less spiritual and unable to fulfill that calling.
Emeigh helps the reader understand that no matter what is in the past, the call of God is real and current. There are great views that are shared helping the believer forward in the faith. There is the reminder that the believer must listen to the voice of God and move forward in faith, not allowing the church or the world cause them to give up and quit. 
This is a very encouraging and supportive book that anyone within the church would benefit from.
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Awaken and Unleash Your Victor

Awaken and Unleash Your Victor: Uncover the Path to Your Magnificent Destiny

"Awaken and Unleash Your Victor" written by author Ogor Winnie Okoye is truly an amazing book. Unleashing the Victor within ourselves is a must if we are to become the person we were destined to be. Many times we fail to understand the importance that our mind plays on whether we are a positive or negative thinker. If we allow negative thoughts to dwell within then we will become a negative person drawing others down with us. However, if we are a positive thinker then we have the opportunity to not only improve ourselves but also to build up others and help them to become a better thinker as well.
Author Okoye deals with mental detoxification and the importance of dealing with all the negative stuff within one's mind before it takes control over the individual. She has challenged me to get rid of the junk and replace with the positive, well being thoughts that help to make us stronger. 
If you are struggling with depression, negative thinking or just wondering how to make each day a little brighter then this would be a great read. There are personal hands on things that you can immediately use to see the benefit of quickly as well as longer range concepts that will help to develop you into the thinker and person God desires you to be.
There is a nice balance between acknowledging that a person can't do it all on their own needing the grace of God. It also deals with not placing all the responsibility on God and shucking the individual’s obligation to do their own part in making lifestyle changes.
This is a very rewarding and refreshing read.
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Hip Hip Hurray We Found Teddy

"Hip Hip Hurray We Found Teddy!!!" is a very interesting children's book that children will find amusing and enjoyable. Author Siliva Sullivan allows the reader into the life of a mouse whose life is very orderly and tidy. Mouse enjoys the routine that he has started, finds it fulfilling and the town where he lived was even called, "Everything Has A Place." Keeping his home neat and orderly made mouse feel like neatness came from within his heart. 
Mouse spent much of his time planting trees and providing a great resource to the environment. One day while Mouse was shopping at the market for fruit and vegetables his friends Meerkat and Monkey came into his house. Once in the house they became hungry so they ate leaving the kitchen in a mess. Then they went to the playroom and played with Mouse's toys leaving them all over the room. Then they went to the bedroom having a pillow fight and yet another room was a mess. Soon Meerkat and Monkey left the house and when Mouse returned home he was heartbroken that anyone would cause such havoc within his tidy house. He found out who had caused this mess and told them they should come over and help clean up the mess they had created.
They returned to the house to help Monkey clean up the mess only to find one thing missing. They looked and looked for Mouse's Teddy Bear. Finally upon opening the dishwasher there was Teddy all wet but clean. They apologized to Mouse and vowed to never do anything like this again. Mouse was joined again with his Teddy Bear and all turned out well.
This is a fun and entertaining book, which would be a great resource in school libraries as well as to be used for children's story time.
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The Reindeer Keeper

The Reindeer Keeper by Barbara Briggs Ward

The question of believing is one that author Barbara Briggs Ward brings to life in her book, "The Reindeer Keeper." She enables the reader to experience that when one truly believes there is an unending list of possibilities that can occur. The reader is taken along a journey of a beautiful couple's example of believing in simple childlike faith. It appears that when one must know all the details and plans that the excitement of the journey is missed. Abby and Steve allow the spirit of believing to take them to areas of their life that most will never travel. While they have experienced a great romance and marriage, they also experienced the struggles that every family face when cancer invades one's body. They share their strength and determination with their family and help to build great character among them. No matter what the children will face, they know that the example set before them is one of love and compassion.
Being a chosen reindeer keeper, Abby truly enjoyed her ability to help Santa make a difference all over the world, however one day that will be passed to someone else. I was eagerly waiting to find out whom that someone would be and enjoyed the outcome. I wonder how many times a person has been chosen to perform a very important task and miss the blessings associated with it by not fulfilling that calling? Abby has challenged me to step up and accept the opportunity that is before me. 
This is a wonderful Christmas story. A story that will provide hope, inspiration and enjoyment.
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Words Falling Like Water

Words Falling Like Water by Sonya Vaughn

"Words Falling Like Water" is a very interesting, frustrating, funny, yet heartbreaking story all wrapped up into one.  First time author Sonya Vaughn explains how the failing auto industry has suffered and how that suffering has impacted the people worldwide. There are examples given within the book of injustice and pure evil, yet by the time you arrive at the last page your heart is cheering one of the main characters on for their newfound freedom and ability to look beyond the present.
Lily and her husband Tim have a little boy named Benjamin who. They are experiencing many of the issues couples everyone face. Tim has been let go from his job and is unemployed with little hope of finding a job. The stresses that come with these issues have cause them to grow farther apart, with Tim even moving to the basement. You will be taken down the road of how a couple deals with their challenges as well as how a corporate mother deals with all the pressures on a daily basis. There are lives impacted by huge layoffs in the auto industry and those effects continue to ripple. With the recession hitting, the characters must deal with a lot of pressure and abuse from corporate American.
This is a very interesting read and I learned many things while eagerly turning page by page. If you would like to read a book that is current and fresh this will certainly meet that criteria.
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Saving Gracie

Saving Gracie

Escape fantasies seems to be a good way to describe this book, "Saving Gracie."  There is great detail of what happens in the life of a young lady no matter the ups and downs. Author Jill Teitelman, takes the reader along a journey of looking into her life to see how she deals with the punches that life throws her way. The reader will experience rejection, hurt, bitterness, anger,love, joy, and laughter allowing them to connect and become apart of the story. This isn't just a feel good book, but rather one that is real concerning feelings and life's tough challenges. 
Ruth is a real lady with real struggles that most people experience and can relate to. Gracie is a friend who hangs with her in the good and bad allowing the reader to see what a great friend looks like. Makes the reader ponder the relationships they have built and if someone will stand with them through thick and thin. Also, it begs the question would we be a Gracie to someone that needs us? There are some thoughts within that are good, however I didn't get into the book as I would have liked to. I struggled to keep reading  but was challeneged to learn from life's situations and become wiser in how I deal with people and even how I respond to things in life. So my take away from the book is to become the best person you can be as well as helping others to become the best they can be. That would be a wonderful feeling to know you are helping others while improving yourself.
3 of 5 stars.