Monday, December 31, 2012

Hip Hip Hurray We Found Teddy

"Hip Hip Hurray We Found Teddy!!!" is a very interesting children's book that children will find amusing and enjoyable. Author Siliva Sullivan allows the reader into the life of a mouse whose life is very orderly and tidy. Mouse enjoys the routine that he has started, finds it fulfilling and the town where he lived was even called, "Everything Has A Place." Keeping his home neat and orderly made mouse feel like neatness came from within his heart. 
Mouse spent much of his time planting trees and providing a great resource to the environment. One day while Mouse was shopping at the market for fruit and vegetables his friends Meerkat and Monkey came into his house. Once in the house they became hungry so they ate leaving the kitchen in a mess. Then they went to the playroom and played with Mouse's toys leaving them all over the room. Then they went to the bedroom having a pillow fight and yet another room was a mess. Soon Meerkat and Monkey left the house and when Mouse returned home he was heartbroken that anyone would cause such havoc within his tidy house. He found out who had caused this mess and told them they should come over and help clean up the mess they had created.
They returned to the house to help Monkey clean up the mess only to find one thing missing. They looked and looked for Mouse's Teddy Bear. Finally upon opening the dishwasher there was Teddy all wet but clean. They apologized to Mouse and vowed to never do anything like this again. Mouse was joined again with his Teddy Bear and all turned out well.
This is a fun and entertaining book, which would be a great resource in school libraries as well as to be used for children's story time.
5 of 5 stars

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