Sunday, December 29, 2013

Multiple Ways To Wealth

Author Edna F. Keep in her book; "Multiple Ways To Wealth" not only shares  different ways to make income but spends a considerable amount of time dealing with the personal development of the individual. Author Keep knows that having all the right tools, yet not changing the mindset of an individual will only cause them to loose the wealth they may receive. She desires to help the individual train and develop themselves so that the income they receive will be well preserved. There are many facets of making money yet the reader soon learns that they must understand more about themselves and how they operate if they are to truly be successful.
Author Keep definitely believes in having more than one source of income. She feels that keeping all resources in one basket is a call for disaster and being diversified will help the individual should one or more of those streams of income slow down or even stop all together. She also believes that a person should educate themselves as much as possible, using the tools around them to stay on top of the current trends and staying ahead of others around them. The development portion of the book with exercises, questions and answers is a very rewarding part of the book. This enables the individual to put their thoughts, questions and insights down in front of them to research and look at later. This isn't a quick get rich type of book, rather a down-to-earth practical book that will help the reader become a better individual while earning more income and having a easily life-style.

5 of 5 stars

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