Friday, December 27, 2013

Second Chance Sister

Second Chance Sister

"Second Chance Sister" describes the life of Ashley Edmundson. The reader will quickly encounter a less than pleasant home environment that Ashley lived in and the decisions she makes leaving home looking for a better life. While her mother wants her to marry Neal, she meets Brandon and thinks he's the one for her. Soon Ashley's hopes and dreams fade as Author Billy McCoy takes the reader further into Ashley's life, seeing both the good as well as the bad. Ashley had a dream for her life but will she be able to succeed and fulfill that lifelong dream? That is a question that can be found as the reader continues along this journey with Ashley.
There is a second story found within the book; "Online Dating: a Memoir".  I didn't personally enjoy this portion of the book quiet as much. This story takes the reader along the path of Billy Mccoy's journey as he travels abroad to boarding school and later worked as a movie critic. Billy reveals the story of these deal ladies whom he loved yet passed away. He shares about their influence both good and bad upon his life. One day upon answering the door he finds those who have come to share the love of Jesus. Upon sitting down with these visitors there is a lively discussion that unfolds. later in life as Billy continues his daily agenda he recognized that there were changes that he must make and finally came to the understanding; "God, I don't have all the answers, but let your will be done." The writer takes the reader along the journey of two different people, yet for me personally I didn't find the writing to be as engaging and stimulating as I had hoped. I hope the writer will continue to craft their skill and develop new stories, developing new plots and readings that will pull the reader deep within the story.

3 of 5 stars

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