Sunday, December 29, 2013

Donald's Cross

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Reverend Shelby, a local church minister, of a very influential church within the community was taking a stand for preserving the sanctity of the Christian Family. He was urging his congregation to vote for the banning of homosexual marriage while his son Donnie presented an opposite view of his father. While Donnie wasn't homosexual himself, he knew of people both in and out of his school who were and he felt that their rights should be heard and expressed just as his fathers. In this book, "Donald's Cross" the reader will be challenged concerning the issue of marriage but more importantly the author Joseph Todd Emerson wants the reader to better understand the issue of how a person treats and respects others that may differ in their views and opinions. Within this book we see: bullying, fights, abuse, neglect, the importance of support, love and acceptance.
Author Emerson does a very good job of helping the reader see real-life issues from various points of view as well as helping one to better understand that as humans we all desire to be heard and respected regardless of our beliefs and opinions. This book; "Donald's Cross" is vivid, explicit with detail and could be offensive to some, yet it is a book that will challenge the reader to better understand people's feelings, views and to show love and respect to any who may have opinions different than their own. This book is much more than a book about homosexual behavior, it is a book that deals with real issues that we all must face.

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