Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Boy Who Spoke To God

The Boy Who Spoke To God

"The Boy Who Spoke to God" by author Randa Handler deals with some important issues that every person must face. We are all created somewhat different with our family traditions, religious views, ethnic backgrounds, etc.... Yet with each of these differences we are very similar in nature. We desire to worship God who will relate and communicate with us as we fulfill the desire to please Him.
Author Randa Handler takes the reader on a journey that allows one to see how differences can also make us stronger and better. This is a very well written children's book with vivid illustrations to help the reader understand this young boy's dream and interruption of it. Many times we see only part of the picture and thus we miss the greater blessing and fulfillment of the entire picture. Niko helps the reader to understand that when we can't see the full picture to keep looking, don't give up but rather keep searching until the greater picture comes in full view. When we seek we will find the truth we are searching for.
Another point to the story is don't get discouraged when we only see one portion of the dream, interruption, or piece of the picture. Time and determination has a way of allowing the rest of it to come to light allowing the individual to become the person they desire to be. This was a very well written book on a child's level to better understand our differences as well as our unique sameness.

5 of 5 stars

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