Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From Seeker To Finder

From Seeker to Finder by George Kimeldorf

George Kimeldorf, Ph.D. engages the reader in helping to understand that finding happiness is certainly within each of our reach. In his book entitled: "From Seeker To Finder: Discovering Everyday Happiness" Dr. Kimeldorf, challenges the reader to explore their core beliefs to determine if they are living where they desire to and if they believe that is all they are able to experience from life. Then he gives practical ways that one can detox the brain to become a better more-rounded individual by finding happiness within our daily lives. Sometimes when one spends all their time seeking happiness, they never truly cross over to experience the true joy of living in the midst of happiness. We must be motivated to change where we are if we are going to become who we desire to be. Taking the challenge of becoming that person could be a life-changing moment as we turn from the what ifs and someday I will, to right now in the present making the adjustment and walking into that fulfilling promise.
Dr. Kimeldorf, challenges the reader, but gives practical advice on how to experience finding this true inner happiness. Many people it seems are always seeking but never finding. A person is called to go deeper and experience the beautify of happiness in the present moment of everyday life. If you are looking for an encouraging book that will help you achieve a deeper level of happiness then this is worth your time to read and invest in yourself.

4 of 5 stars
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