Monday, March 23, 2015

Grit In Your Craw

“Grit In Your Craw” is an excellent motivational book that will push the reader to examine themselves to seek for areas within their life they can change and improve upon. Author Robert Luckadoo engages the reader from the first to the final page, stretching the reader to become more productive in their daily lives. The chapters on, “Diligence” and “Tenacity” gives the reader the push to become more than they presently are and to not settle for less than the very best that they can become within their life. These chapters follow thoughts on the “Foundation” which must be properly laid in order for anything productive to be built upon.
Author Luckadoo uses scriptures to encourage the reader allowing God’s Word to enlighten and present truth as only God’s Word can. There are wonderful illustrations and stories shared that engages the reader and explains the principles in greater detail of what the author is trying to convey.  This book is filled with encouragement for the reader to move up the mountain and never settle for less than God’s best for them.  The final chapter is “Purpose” of which every individual, church, business, etc… must find in order to truly be effective. This is a very well written book that will help each person become a stronger individual to help both themselves and others.

This book was provided by The Cadence Group as a review copy for my personal evaluation and review. 

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