Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Summer Place:


"Summer Place: 101 Year History of Fishing & Wreck Diving" is a very interesting and insightful book. This is certainly a book that a fisherman or seaman would enjoy reading. Captain Donald Cramer, a third generation seaman, takes the reader along a journey of not only how fishing impacted his life, but the life of his family. The reader will feel like they are getting aboard the boat and embarking on the waters as Captain Cramer leads the passengers along a wonderful, fun-filled fishing experience. There are stories about wrecks, fishing, accidents, buying and selling boats, land and other adventurous events. This rich history of loving the water and how a family invested their life in helping others have fun and excitement is very rewarding to read about.
Captain Cramer has given the reader something fun and captivating to read. While going along some of the cruises, the reader will hear about hired hands, some good and others bad, as well as some of the people who boarded for a ride. Many wanted to party and get drunk, while others wanted the ride to be relaxing and peaceful. There are a wide variety of stories shared that the reader is bound to enjoy many of them. Some of the workers would only last a day, some less than that. If Captain Cramer found a strong and loyal mate he did well to support and take care of him so he would stay around to help. So get on board, grab your fishing pole and enjoy the read.

4 of 5 stars

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