Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Practicing the Presence of Jesus

This is a very practical book that many believers could find very helpful in their journey of faith.  Author Wally Armstrong tells how he spent most of his Christian life trying to always achieve or become the person that he felt God and/or others would want him to become.  While he practiced and worked tirelessly on his golf game, constantly improving his abilities there, he didn't understand that a relationship with Jesus must be something that was to be developed on a personal level, not just a set of rules and regulations that he must follow.
One day things took a change for the better when he saw Jesus on the golf course.  Now you will have to read the book to better understand this, but one nugget of insight is that Wally began to see Jesus as a close personal friend rather than someone who was far away.  When this light begin to dawn within Wally's life, his relationship with Jesus became something that was real and vibrant.  He desired to read, journal and pray early in the mornings, not because he had to, rather because he desired to talk to his new best friend.
How many believers get caught up in the doing (of the rules they feel self imposed upon them) rather than the being (following the leadership of Jesus in a personal way)?  It has happened far too long that people call themselves Christians yet really don't understand who Jesus even is.  Wally was challenged to understand who Jesus was and who He desired to be within Wally's life.  When a believer can better understand those issues then Jesus is more than a person, He can become a true friend.
Wally learned that he couldn't change himself, rather he must allow Jesus to change him to become the person he was intended to be.  He learned to practice the presence of Jesus no matter where he was.  If he was driving, playing golf, having devotions, etc... he could talk to Jesus and allow Him to become a real presence within his life.
This is a small put powerful book that will challenge every believer to not just talk the talk but rather walk the walk.

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