Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Death Goes Postal

Death Goes Postal
Rosemary and Larry Mild do an amazing job of writing in their book, "Death Goes Postal." This is a very entertaining and moving book from the beginning till the end. The villain Emil Kravitz is a strong believable character throughout the material.  Eighty-eight-year-old Professor Abner Fraume is a noted researcher and a wealth of information concerning the early Herr Koenig's matrix molds. Professor Fraume's sister, Edythe, lives in American with her husband. They are both very sick and own a bookstore of which she wants to sell to the couple of her choosing. Dan and Rivka Sherman soon purchase the bookstore and get involved in a mystery of sorts that could even cost them Rivka's life.  
Liz a bookstore worker and friend of Edythe, soon learns important information concerning letter that Professor Fraume sent to his sister and she has the clue to where they are at. At a book gathering Liz shares more than she should of this information and the fun begins. There is a break in into the store, the kidnapping of Rivka and the FBI involved in hunting the molds before Emil Kravitz can escape with it.
I found this book to be very enjoyable and fun reading.  I especially enjoyed Sir Lord Byron the bookstore cat. He is a part of the store and try’s to offer protection when an intruder comes snooping around. Dan and Rivka offer a very keen insight into taking a clue and figuring out its solution. I enjoyed learning from them as well as watching how Rivka communicated with her kidnapper remaining calm and even helpful at times. I look forward to reading more books by this husband wife duo and the next journey they will take me on.

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