Sunday, October 28, 2012

Made in HEAVEN

Made in Heaven

Authors Ray Comfort and Jeffrey Seto does a wonderful job in their book, "Made in HEAVEN" of helping the reader better understand God's amazing design and how man is trying to use those designs to make a better world. This book gives examples of how researches and inventors have used God's natural creation to make something man-made to better the planet. For example, the strength of a spider’s web is 253,816 PSI which is almost 100,000 times stronger than stainless steel. By trying to duplicate the structure of the spider's web, researchers are looking to create stronger products for man.
This would be a great school textbook. I found it very educational, insightful and meaningful. I really liked the detailed information provided, not only in text but charts, examples and pictures. The pictures included are very colorful, clear and eye catching which helps the reader to visually see what the text is saying. I would recommend this book for a classroom and definitely every school library. I feel this gives the reader a good view of creation by placing God as the creator rather than just some form of existence. 
While this could be viewed as a scientific book, I really enjoyed how the authors ended the book with a reflection upon how a person can come to know the creator of the universe. This gives the reader the opportunity to allow God entrance into their heart and making this journey real and life changing. There is also the opportunity to download a free book of Ray Comfort's book, "The Defender's Guide For Life's Toughest Question" on how to have answers when faced with an atheist. This is a very nice gift offered the reader.
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This book was provided by: Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group for my honest review.

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