Friday, October 19, 2012

Shadows Chasing Lights

From the moment I opened the pages of this book I could feel the tenderness of the words slip from its pages.  There are moments of reflection, renewing, even rewinding moments within one's life where you wished you could do over.  There are moments that pull you into the page as though you have penned the words looking deep within your soul.
Within the pages are thoughts concerning truth, freedom and so much more.  How does one experience real truth and express freedom within their lives in all they do and possess?  The section on "Sole Searching" is breathtaking.  It is very enriching and rewarding as I feel such a real reason for the message being penned.  I sense such realness within the words that I relate to in most every detail.  This is a beautifully written piece that would be the enlightening part of the book for my purposes in reading.
This is a beautifully written piece of art.  Not only the writing, but the pictures included between the sections and the last portion written in handwriting rather than typed offered a sense of closeness to the author and what he is trying to convey to the reader.  I felt deeply while reading this book.  These were more than words on a page, rather real, raw, true meaning that reaches into the heart of the reader to stir and move them.
If you enjoy reading in poem/story form then you will need to check out this fine piece of work.  Be prepared to be challenged by the author’s pure words and come forth in joy at knowing that you are not alone, someone stands there with you.
This book was provided by Readers Favorite for my honest review.
4 of 5 stars

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