Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sir Princess Petra

Sir Princess Petra by Diane Mae Robinson

This is a very interesting and spell binding book concerning the young princess Petra.  She goes before the king and queen, who happen to be her parents and asks a very strange request for her birthday.  She asked to become a royal knight as this was the desire of her heart and according to the decree, she could have whatever she wished for on her birthday.  Her father and mother were shaken at the request but upon asking the councilman what was stated in the rule book, they found that indeed a girl could become a knight as there wasn't any rule written against it.  However, the sly king said, for Petra to become a knight within his kingdom she must perform one of three acts of bravery from his royal list.  These included:  "To capture a crocodile and make his skin into a royal leather chair; to hush that howling, nasty dragon, Snarls, in the Forest of Doom; or to eat a roomful of raw onions.”  When given these three choices she quickly eliminated two of them.  The first one she couldn't do as the crocodile was her friend and she couldn't do the third one as she couldn't stand the thought of eating all of those onions so she chose the second option.
Soon Petra visits the howling dragon and finds that he is captured by a landslide of rock.  She helps to remove his tail from this awful weight and now he is set free.  She soon invites him to her birthday party as well as becomes one of her great friends.
I enjoyed the story and artwork within this book.
This book was provided by Readers Favorite for my honest review.
5 of 5 stars

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