Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Where Are All The Men?

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This is a very well written book that men everywhere could learn from.  It is very straight forward and deals with the real issues of men and marriage.  The authors help us to look into our childhood and how our past makes an impact in how we move into marriage and what type of things (good or bad) influence us.  There is a very detailed look into the various attacks on marriage and how the sin nature of man impacts all that happens within the lives of the couple.  There is the discussion of God's view of marriage and how both man and woman should line up to God's views rather than make their own.  When a couple makes their own rules and goes against the rules of God, it naturally brings hurt, disappointment and eventually disaster.  
Also included are the views of the Apostle Paul and how submission and roles are to be looked at within the marriage.  For a marriage to be healthy, it must have strong communication as a basic foundation along with love and respect.  There is also a portion given to what love isn't and how easily couples have chosen to believe the lies of the world concerning love.  Lastly, there is a look at redemption and how by the redemption of God's grace within one's life, they can look at their spouse with the love of God.
This is a book that would help both man and woman, but a strong call for men to step up and be accounted for as the leader and male influence within their family and marriage.
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  1. I love how you give lots of terrific detils in your reviews. You described this book with great excellence. I'll be ordering this book thanks to your outstanding review!
    Thanks bunches...
    Tina Marie