Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why Fight?

This book deals with several issues that we all face namely one being conflict and how it is handled.  Within each of us is the desire to be right and to prove that both to ourselves and others.  There are times that this conflict will in fact lead us to fight to prove our point and the value of our worth.  This conflict at times will cause one to be very aggressive in their behavior, lashing out in physical contact.  There isn't anything new about this as men have been fighting from the beginning of time.  There have been fights, even murders because of the human anger that seems to be out of control.
We see this form of physical fighting even in sports such as boxing and martial arts fighting.  While others are entertained at the expense of a few people aggressively hurting one another to be the champion and/or to receive the prize money.
Many times animals must fight to get their dinner or become dinner of another animal.  There is this instinct within them to fight and protect themselves.  While this is seen in animals it is also seen in humans as well.  This is this natural born instinct to protect that which we love and value.  There is also praise given to those who fight on our behalf; for example:  we give praise to a police officer or a person within the military who protected us from the threat of others harm.  
This book shares how one can fight to get their way or use calmness to get along with others.  The individual is left to make their own choice in the matter as it comes to view within their situation.
This book left me with a better understanding of how each of us face conflicts in life and how we deal with them is very important.  The character development to better help the reader was very interesting and insightful.  The book was written in a way that was easy to read and follow the authors meaning and purpose within the book.  I will reflect to a greater degree on how I respond to situations before reacting.
4 of 5 stars

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