Monday, October 15, 2012

Into The Wilderness

Into the Wilderness

Author David Ebenbach writes a very interesting collection of short stories.  If you like to read small bits of different yet interesting events then you will enjoy this book.  Included within the book is a story about a family who goes to a baseball game on Jewish Day.  It is interesting how the father and his son and daughter communication both with each other and the people around them.  Also there is a story about a father and how he tries to relate to his son using a dinner out.  It describes how difficult it is to share what is on one's heart and yet the joy that comes when love is shared with your son.  
The longest story is written in four parts about a lady named Judith and her daughter.  She finds herself pregnant without knowing who the father is.  Her parents come and help her during the pregnancy and after the delivery trying desperately to know the name of the newborn baby.  They are Jewish and Judith wants to have an official Jewish ceremony where there is an official giving of the baby's name.  She goes a full month before this service without knowing what name she will come up with and while in the middle of the ceremony she is enlighten with the name and shares that with the congregation at one time.  This is a very heartwarming story filled with questions, frustration, joy and destiny.
I enjoyed some stories more than others of course, and everyone will have their favorite.  I would encourage you to take it out on a test run and see how you like the stories.
This book was provided by JKS Communications for my honest review.
4 of 5 stars.

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  1. Thanks for the honest review, Darin. I think a collection of short stories is like a box of chocolates (borrowing from Forrest Gump), all of them are good, but some are simply delicious and meant to savor:-)