Monday, October 15, 2012

Live Better Longer

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Living longer has caused a new set of problems.  How can we live longer in the most helpful healthy manner possible? This book provides many insights into how a person can provide better health conditions to enjoy the life that has been given them.  While it is apparent that the human body will begin to decay over time, there are things that a person can do to lengthen their days here upon the earth.  What a person does in the first part of their life is a typical pattern of what they will continue to do later in life.  When a child or young adult is overweight, it lends itself to expect that person to grow up in that manner, thus creating health issues that could lead to early death.
There are many insightful pieces of advice from the author concerning mid-life crisis, what the body does when it hits this point in life and how to help move it along in a positive manner.  The author discusses moods, sex drive, anger issues, lack of energy, etc...  If you are looking for some answers to how you can make positive adjustments within your life to make yourself stronger and healthier then you will enjoy reading through this book.
There were parts of the book that I personally didn't find all that helpful, but maybe it's because I personally haven't dealt with some of the issues that the author was discussing at that particular moment?  There is a glossary which helps the reader with some words that maybe needs explaining?  There is additionally a fantastic web address resource that lists many different sites that the reader can log on to for additional help in most any area.  
This book sheds light on topics such as:  aging, bone density, cancer, exercise, hormone replacement, insulin, nutrition and stress.  While this is just a broad overview of what is contained within the book, I believe it will be helpful to most readers, especially in the mid-age category.
This book was provided by review the book for my honest evaluation.
3 of 5 stars.

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