Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life Challenging Story

In All Things Giving Thanks When Hope Seems Lost

Author Laura Smith provides us with a real life story concerning how she encounters many life changing events from such a
early age throughout her life. There are many times that Laura could have chosen a easier path but continually tried to do 
what was right for both her and her family.
She finds herself married, with a young child and a less than faithful husband soon after graduating high school.  Soon another
child is born and while juggling the lack of help from her husband Laura provides the best she can for her two children. While
she faced difficulty that caused her great amounts of strain she chose to get a divorce from someone who wouldn't help her or 
her children to try and better their life.
She later marries Tony and he accepts both of the girls as his own.  There were many circumstances that caused great stress 
within their lives from the various events that the girls would find themselves in.  You are led down this road of both joy, sadness,
confusion and dependence upon God.  
I really enjoyed reading this book and hope to read many more from author Laura Smith.
5 of 5 stars.

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