Monday, July 9, 2012

Amazing Matilda: A Monarch's Tale

I enjoyed how Matilda, a tiny caterpillar, begins her journey from the size of an egg and eagerly wonders when she would be able to fly.  While she verbalized this, the Sparrow requested that she have patience and follow her instincts and one day she would be able to fly.   Soon she met a Toad who shared about how he learned to leap and move about, but Matilda didn’t want to leap she wanted to fly.  In the story we see Matilda changing colors many times, each one reflecting who she is currently while becoming something totally different as well.  She then meets a Rabbit who shared how they learned to hop, but Matilda didn’t want to hop she wanted to fly.  She continued to eat day after day and soon realized how tired she was and that she needed a nap.  Soon Matilda seemed to be covered by a soft green blanket surrounding her and she continued to change inside.  When she awoke from her nap the other friends noticed something different.  Matilda now had wings, wings that she had longed for to help her fly.  At first she didn’t succeed but her friends kept encouraging her to try, to spread her wings, to flap them until she could take off.  With enough effort and courage soon Matilda began to lift herself from the earth and soar high above the others.  They cheered her on and she waved goodbye to them as she soared away.

I believe most any child would enjoy this book as well as adults.  I enjoyed how the author shared support and encouragement from the other animals.  How they prepared Matilda to believe in herself, to have patience and rely on her instincts.  We must believe in ourselves and others as well.  When we begin to do that, we will be able to soar as Matilda above the circumstances that we encounter as well as help others to do the same. 
I would highly recommend this book to others who desire a challenge to become a better person.

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