Sunday, July 29, 2012

Amazing Grace...As Christ Walks By

Amazing Grace as Christ Walks By: My Journey from Brokennness to Wholeness
This is a very enjoyable and uplifting book by author Carol Cline.  It describes the life of the author as well as her family members.  There are many ups and downs throughout the journey but one that constantly points the reader toward God and His faithfulness.  Carol discovers that she has cancer, but that doesn't cause her to give up, rather she presses through to victory.  Her husband is lead to the Lord through events that causes him to see the faithfulness of God within the family.  Carol describes the benefit of her church, groups that meet within her home and daily/weekly bible studies.  She shares about her faith and how it grows throughout the course of her journey.
Carol's dad is mentioned as well and his transformation that occurs as he faces death.  This is a very encouraging portion, especially for anyone that is experiencing the soon loss of a loved one.  Carol's husband Jim starts a new business and finds God's direction and blessings. 
Carol was raped and abused, but the reader will find throughout the book that she overcame that situation (to the best of her ability) and lives a joyous life reaching out to her family, loved ones, church, neighbors and others with a positive outlook.
There is a section toward the end of the book called:  "Spiritual Practices."  This is where the author explains the difference between spirituality and religion.  She gives great insight and use of scripture, also leading the reader up to the opportunity to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ if they so desire.
I feel any reader who desires to learn more about Christ, overcoming battles, being strong in the midst of life's challenges and many other issues would benefit from reading this book.
This book was provided by author Carol Cline for my personal and honest review.
5 of 5 stars

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