Sunday, July 15, 2012

Juice Fasting: Reboot Your Body

Juice Fasting: Reboot Your Body (UPDATED and IMPROVED)

This was a delightful book by: Rheba Estante.  She gives a great overview of both the pros and cons of fasting as well as various recipes as well as various juicers one could purchase.
From the words of the author herself we find a great overview of the book, "...a juice fast is a type of diet where a person only consumes juice made from fruits, vegetables, or a combination of both for a period of time.  Most juice fasts last at least 3 days and often requires the use of a juicer..."  We later learn there are many types of fasts and they involve their own rules and ingredients.  
The medical community seems divided on the subject of the value of a juice fast.  Some believe it helps the body get rid of waste that has built up within a person's digestive system, while others see it as a harm to the overall health of one's body.  The author goes so far as to state:  "With no scientific evidence indicating that there is any health benefit to fasting, there is no medical reason to juice fast."  Later on in the book there is the indication that there would be value in eating well along with juicing.  
The author gives various recipes as well as how to do a juice fast in the most healthy way, thus giving the general layperson a great overview of how to do things as healthy as possible.  The readers is also given additional resources and products should they be interested in doing a juice fast for themselves.
I really enjoyed reading about this topic and felt that .the author gave gave viewpoints and highlights along the way.
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5 of 5 stars

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