Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Challenging Yet Rewarding

This book by Michele Nicole is based on her own personal experiences she has faced in life.  She has written the material to both help herself move forward in life as well as to assist other ladies who find themselves in similar battles.  She deals with her feelings, desires and needs which help her to become a better lady after she processes all that has occurred within her life.

She has a close friend MJ that she shares the ups and downs of these life changing events.  There is one statement that she shared with MJ in the book that I found very rewarding.  She told MJ:  "I compromised to be with him."  When Michele understood that she made compromising choices to be with this man for three years she began to understand what those choices had caused and what she needed to do  to become the person she truly desired to become.

The author leads us through her life describing both the positive as well as the less than positive experiences in life.  However, both help to make her the person she is today one who  will make wiser decisions to become the person that she truly desires to become.

While I understand this book is based on life experiences and meant to be told as such,  however, I personally would have liked for it to used less strong language. I could see the value of the material being used for both personal and group discussion however some would be offended by the language.  Also the author talks about being thankful to God and getting her life on track.  I would like for her to expound on that and her relationship with God.  Maybe this could take on the form of more of a self-help book with discussion questions at the end?

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