Thursday, July 19, 2012


The Uncommon Thread

Dr. Anderson does a fine job of sharing various stories and events that have spanned over the course of his life and medical practice.
Found within his book are forty-four different threads that enlighten one to a great tapestry of life's events.  There are enough different threads found within the book sure to please most any reader.  There were a few that had me laughing, a few that really stretched my thinking and even others that caused me to deeply evaluate who I was and what I should do differently.
One of the priceless threads is the "Squirrel Story", this is one that the reader won't want to miss. Then there is the hilarious story of six-year old Maddie and "My Hunting Story" that will cause you to roll in laughter.  Later there is a story of an eleven-year old Maddie entitled "Loss of Magic" that is pure fun and enjoyable.  Also, don't miss the adventure of traveling (or difficulties of) in a bus across the country.  
While every story didn't captivate me, there were several that did.  I think this will be a book that many will find entertaining and enjoyable as you find yourself weaving through "The Uncommon Thread."
4 of 5 stars.

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