Monday, July 23, 2012

Bushels and Barrels

Bushels And Barrels: Redefining The American Dream

Author Lee Ray takes the reader into a descriptive view of the American Dream, as he describes how a bushel represents a blessing while a barrel represents the challenges one will face.  When one tries to understand what the American Dream is all about there must be a soul searching of self-identification of who one truly is within society.  When we are young we seem to have great expectations and later in life have changed our view and focus of what those dreams encompass.  Getting out of one's comfort zone and moving toward the barrels that we face in life is necessary to move forward and achieve out goals.
Here are the Ten Barrels and Bushels that Lee discusses within his book:
#1 is the barrel of abuse and the bushel is to discover God's love in the midst of the circumstance.  
#2 is the barrel of strained relationships and the bushel is family.
#3 is the barrel of divorce and the bushel is falling in love.
#4 is the barrel of overcoming self-doubt and the bushel is gaining confidence and acceptance.
#5 is the barrel of the loss of loved ones and the bushel is community involvement.
#6 is the barrel of the price of military deployments and the bushel is the pride of military service.
#7 is the barrel of transitions in life and the bushel is morals and ethics.
#8 is the barrel of career changes and unemployment and the bushel is the bond of friendship.
#9 is the barrel of financial landmines and the bushel is educational opportunities.
#10 is the barrel of facing life's challenges and the bushel is recognizing life's rewards.
Lee provides the reader with many of his personal stories and insights.  There are topics such as: marriage, divorce, children, stepchildren, money, determination, encouragement and so much more.  The reader will find themselves getting caught up within the story that Lee is sharing and seeing how they can incorporate the positive things within their lives and work on the areas that need improvement.  
There is also a section on the military where Lee discusses his involvement as well as how families must deal with deployment and the pressures put upon them.  Many times Americans don't realize how blessed we really are and how those in the military are standing in the gap for our freedom.  
Lee also shares:  "The bushels and barrels of an identity shift make us who we are."   He also states:  "Life is not only wonderful at times and painful at is fragile!"
So one may ask will we be able to fulfill the American Dream?  Well let's allow Lee to give us his words of wisdom.  He said:  "The American Dream is a way of life, not something we can achieve with a single accomplishment."  So each of us has our own duty in fulfilling our dreams and desires.  Let's all do our part and make America a better place to live.
I enjoyed reading this book and encourage you to read and grow from it.

This book was provided by author Lee Ray for my honest review and opinion.  To purchase this book please go to:
5 of 5 stars

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