Sunday, July 8, 2012

Very Stretching and Enlighting

Confessions of a Heretic: How a Right Wing, Fundamentalist, Conservative Pastor Became a Leftist, Liberal Heathen

This book was divided into two distinct sections. The first being of the authors own experiences and calling to be a pastor. The second part deals with various topics of concern that share his views as well as other insights.
The first section was very enjoyable to read as you learned about how someone was raised, believed and then discovered new beliefs as they matured and grew in life. I really could see the value of Christians reading this material and allowing themselves to be stretched and learn from another's life experiences.
The second section was deeper in theology and topics. It is here that my personal differences in the authors views would come into play, however I did enjoy the learning and stretching experience.
This book certainly helps one to think about why they believe what they do as well as to develop a way of explaining those beliefs. While many mainline Christians within the local churches won't agree with the author on many of his beliefs, I personally feel many of the issues that he brought to light are beneficial.
I agree that we should spend more time in being like Jesus than in one of the Apostles or rules of the church. It is so easy to be like the religious leaders of the New Testament that we forget that Christ is to be the example of mankind.
I would give this 5 of 5 stars because of how open, humble and no mud slinging the author was in his presentation.

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