Friday, July 20, 2012

Encouragement Even With The War


This story begins with various events in the life of Christina Cross, many of which are heart wrenching.  Christina does what she can to honor her father (which was killed by lightening) and take care of her family through tragic events that occur.  She is a very strong and determined lady.  She desires to help her family and provide the best she can for them. She soon finds herself working in a hotel providing for her mother, sister and brother.  She tries to offer her love and support even if they don't realize it.  Christina has a passion to sing as her father did, and uses that gift to the approval of Senator Caradine.    While Senator Caradine looked at Christina as a daughter figure, she looked at him romantically.  However, Laurent a gentleman seeking Christina's attention soon enters the picture causing greater confusion.  This story provides much historical data of which I am typically not a fan of, but I do enjoy the storyline that follows Christina and continue to follow it at a fast reading pace. 
Right in the middle of the war with trouble on every hand, Christina was told something pretty profound.  "The important thing is that you keep love in your heart. Strife separates man from principle, but love mixes them together again."  Later in the book we find Christina within blockhouse #7 speaking to the prisoners, encouraging them and rallying them together urging them to not lose hope in the midst of such a terrible situation.  This is what one must do today when faced with difficult situations, be strong, courageous and encourage others.  
The amber fossil that Christina found while on the farm with her father made it many miles, through wars and later ended up in the hands of her sister Nicolette as she drew her last breath.  This is how love travels it appears.  When one falls in love with someone even the ills of life can't steal the love and admiration that one has for another.  
While I really enjoyed the story of Christina, I'm not much of a history buff and didn't enjoy all the details of the war, etc...  however for anyone that enjoys history and war stories I'm sure you will find this a very refreshing read.  There is great history concerning people, location, war, that I'm sure a history buff would find very interesting and entertaining.
I would give this book 4 of 5 stars.

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