Tuesday, February 26, 2013

GPS Your Best Life

GPS Your Best Life by Charmaine Hammond

Authors Charmaine Hammond and Debra Kasowski helps the reader navigate along their destination with a fabulous book entitled: "GPS Your Best Life." This is a great book on helping the reader understand how to not allow circumstances in life detour one from their main purposes of life. Everyone is traveling along life's journey and getting side-tracked is easy to do, but the authors give tremendous insight and wisdom on how to stay focused and move forward in grand fashion. 
One chapter deals with dreams and how they seems to be the fuel to your engine. Everyone needs dreams and a drive to move in the direction they have placed their goals and ideals. There is also great wisdom shared in the chapter entitled: "Roadblocks, Detours and Potholes." Everyone will face these types of situations within their lives; however what they do with them is what changes the course of the journey. 
When difficulties come one's way, there is the choice to be detained by the circumstances or overcome them and become the person you were designed to be. There is also the beautiful point that is shared that one must celebrate along the journey by "gratitude, giving and gifting." When we express thankfulness, give of ourselves and give gifts we become a person that others desires to be around.
This is a very insightful and well written book. It is a book that any reader should find strength, encouragement and support from. I would quickly recommend it.
5 of 5 Stars

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