Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nate Rocks The School


Nate seems to be a typical teenager but soon the reader finds out that he is indeed very different. While Nate likes to dream, his dreams take him along a variety of paths that call upon him to help save the day. He may help people escape a building, find a missing child or many other adventurous activities. While the school class is getting ready to go to New York, they need to raise funds in order to afford the trip as the schools funds have been severally cut. Nate and his friends work hard to come up with fund raising events, but always come up short until the night of the auction when someone truly makes a believer out of Nate that dreams can come true. Nate's mother isn't the best of cooks and he certainly appreciates the abilities and creativity of his friend’s mothers as they invite him to share a meal with them. He tries to avoid getting paired up with a girl that his mom thinks he would be great with, yet he finds himself constantly around her.
Nate is looked upon as a superhero and performs hero acts within this book. This would be a great read to have in schools and for children to share at home with their parents. If someone is looking for a book for their child, this is truly a book of adventure and excitement, very interesting and fun to read. It never seems to bog down, always moving forward with adventure.
5 of 5 stars

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