Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Break Your Addiction To Conflict

"Break Your Addiction to Conflict" is a wonderful book to help the reader explore the opportunities to overcome negative situations that many find within their life from time to time.  Author Nathan J. Snow does a wonderful job of giving the reader twelve tools to quiet the mind and move forward from their present conflict. He instructs the reader to create a Gratitude List and be reminded of how many things a person truly has to be thankful for within their life. He also mentions a Resentful List and how from time to time the same thing that one could be grateful for, they might find it over on the resentful list. There are great insights into how a person can overcome the negative emotions and doubt that seem to plague one's life.
Concerning Tool# 8 and "Power Down" Mr. Snow gives great detail into how one can pull away from the constant barrage of technology that seems to overtake a person and allow the individual to learn to breath, relax, enjoy their family and life. He also instructs the reader to live their own life and tell their own story. No one can be as great as the person they are gifted to be.
The principles found within this book are very helpful and insightful. There is a "Cheat Sheet" summary of the 12 Tools listed at the end of the book. The greatest issue would be the constant reference to a higher power, light, etc... while this opens the book up for readers of any faith, the lack of reference to God and Him alone is somewhat disturbing. For that reason this book would receive 4 of 5 stars.

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